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Natural disasters are obviously uncontrollable occurrences that pose major threats to your home. Another danger that could severely damage your home or estate and is entirely unavoidable are acts of theft and vandalism. When an unknown third party decides to do wrong and break into your home, you are left a victim of a serious crime and in need of reliable support from your insurance provider.

Matters can quickly worsen, though, if your insurance company denies your claims. They might not believe that a stranger caused the damage and try to pin it on you or your family. In other scenarios, they refused to believe that named items went missing, or that the value of stolen articles was exaggerated. Regardless of their reasons for refusing to give you the money you need and deserve, you need to seek professional assistance to set things right.

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As strange or unfair as it might seem to you, after vandals or thieves damage, steal, deface, or otherwise devalue your property, you need to start considering how you can compile evidence to bring to your insurance provider. If you did not immediately call the police, be sure to get them to your home as soon as possible. The report law enforcement create while investigating your property can be immensely helpful for your claims, and you should request a copy of your own.

Other useful tips to keep in mind when making your insurance claim include:

  • Photographs: Nothing pieces a chaotic scene together quicker than a handful of pictures. Snap photos of all the damage to keep for your own record. If possible, provide photographs of the same areas before the vandalism damaged your home.
  • Criminal history: Does your neighborhood have a history of criminal activity? Check neighborhood watch or police listings of your block and find out if vandalism and theft crimes are a growing problem in the area.
  • Catalogue: Keep a detailed record – including pictures – of anything in your home that you think a thief might be eager to get their hands on. From laptops and cell phones to heirlooms and jewelry, anything worth something to you should go into your catalogue. You will be in an even better situation if you are able to keep sales receipts for these items that show their exact value.


Even with all the evidence in the world, your insurance provider might not be hearing what you have to say. The truth is that they might not be interested in providing you with coverage that ranges outside their comfort zone. If you have insurance for this exact reason, however, it should not matter how much they wanted to spend on you; they need to give you what you deserve. With more than 1,000 clients helped so far, we believe our Houston bad faith insurance attorney – Mr. Eric Dick – could be the right choice for you in this troubling time.

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