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You’ve been paying your premiums month in and month out, but now that you need to file an insurance claim, you may find that your company doesn’t want to pay what it owes you. At Dick Law Firm, PLLC, our attorney is well-versed in your legal rights and how to assert them.

Why Choose Our Houston Insurance Claims Lawyer?

  • Skillfully battled insurance companies in 1,000+ cases
  • Highly recommended by clients and peers
  • Flexible, tailored legal fees
  • Powerhouse advocacy to level the playing field

We know how to go toe-to-toe with large insurance corporations and come away with the full financial compensation that our clients need. Don’t let an insurance company lowball you. Make sure you know what your claim is fully worth, and join forces with an experienced Houston insurance claims lawyer to fight for the settlement you deserve. Find out how we can help you win your claim today!

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The Insurance Company Will Have a Lawyer. You Should Have One Too.

When there is a whole legal team and a line of insurance adjusters working to reduce your claim or find a way to deny it, you need a legal advocate who can skillfully take them all on. Insurance claims are the only cases that our firm takes on—we have the focus, insights, and proven ability to help your claim succeed.

We can protect you from insurance bad faith tactics in cases such as:

Even if your insurance claim has already been denied, it’s not late to get the legal help and the monetary settlement that you need. Just contact Dick Law Firm, and our insurance claims attorney can analyze your case to see what your options are, and how you can recover the financial damages that you are truly owed.

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