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So close to the Gulf of Mexico, Houston can get slammed with devastating hurricanes every year. Although 2015 has gone down as a relatively mild year for hurricane season, many meteorologists and weather experts agree that 2016 could be more severe than an average year. Texas homeowner’s who had no insurance coverage for hurricane-related damage are smartly doing so now. It should expected solve the most of their concerns, but not much goes as expected when it comes to insurance companies.

Many insurance providers have become notorious for doing all they can do pay out as little as they can to people filing hurricane insurance claims for their homes. At Dick Law Firm, we cannot stand the idea of a homeowner being shorted out money they need and deserve due to a powerful insurance corporation stifling them. With well over 1,000 cases handled in our firm’s history of practice, we will be able to rest easy at night knowing that a highly-motivated Houston insurance bad faith lawyer is on your side.

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The damage caused by a hurricane can be absolutely catastrophic, leveling entire houses as winds over 150 miles per hour ravage the area. Depending on the construction and location of your home, the damage could be far less severe. It is in such cases that insurance providers may try to shirk their responsibilities by claiming that reported damage was not actually caused by a hurricane.

Look for and catalogue any damage caused by a hurricane, including:

  • Flood damage (broken pipes)
  • Sheared roofing and tiling
  • Shattered windows
  • Removed sections of framework

Hurricane season in Texas is declared to last between June 1st to November 30th, give or take a couple of weeks. It is recommended that you photograph your home in Spring or early summer season to create a clear distinction between the condition it was in before any large storms or hurricanes rolled through Houston. If you do not have hurricane coverage, buy before a hurricane swells up in the Gulf of Mexico; if there is a hurricane system present or a high likelihood that one will generate soon, you may be unable to purchase or modify hurricane coverage.


No matter how much preparation you did or did not do before your home was damaged by a hurricane should be irrelevant to the coverage amounts you are granted if you have homeowner’s insurance that covers hurricane damage. Imagine if you bought a car but the dealership only allowed you to drive it when they thought it was necessary. You would not allow such an outrage, so why allow it now?

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