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If your four-legged friend or two-winged pal has caused a ruckus in your home, as animals are known to do from time to time, can you expect to be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy? Although you might be told otherwise by your insurance provider, pet damage can be covered by accidental damage policies. The real trouble, other than having to retrain your animal companion, arises when your claim is wrongfully denied by an insurance company looking to save a few dollars on their end.

At Dick Law Firm, our Houston insurance bad faith attorney has handled well over 1,000 cases and claims. More often than not, dishonest or uncooperative insurance companies start to change their tone once they see a client backed by our team. If they remain stubborn and will not offer a fair settlement for your damages, we take the gloves off and go to court on your behalf.

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In many standard homeowner’s insurance policies, there is little to no reference to pet damage. This does not mean that the damage caused by pets is not covered. Instead it means that you will have to categorize it as accidental damage, or a single item claim if the furry friend only brought destruction to one high-priced item.

What damage could be covered in a pet damage claim?

  • Torn furniture
  • Scratches to wood or glass surfaces
  • Damage or discoloration to walls
  • General interior damage caused by random occurrences

What is not covered in a pet damage claim? It would be extremely unlikely for an insurance policy to include damage caused by an animal that was not a pet. If a feral squirrel, for example, makes its way down your chimney before ransacking your kitchen, you could be out of luck. However, if you have a nonstandard accidental damage policy, there could still be a way for you to gain a recovery. Never rule anything out based on your guess or the first word your insurance provider has to say about it.


When an insurance company will not even hear your claim, or shuts it down without proper investigation, it is known as insurance bad faith. At Dick Law Firm, all we do is fight those who would conduct their business in bad faith. For nearly a decade, we have been entirely committed to bad faith insurance claims in Houston and the surrounding area. 

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