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    "Kept Delta Lloyds Insurance Company of Houston Honest!"
    Eric Dick made them pay my claim in full and his attorney fees.
    - Kristie
    "Liberty Mutual Accepted My Claim!"
    Eric Dick sued them and they paid my claim.
    - Kurtis
    "Thank you Eric Dick!"
    My insurance company denied my claim. They did not want to pay to replace my roof.
    - Harvey
    "American Risk didn't want to replace my roof. Dick made them pay."
    My insurance company didn't want to pay to fix my roof. After a lawsuit they paid me.
    - Mary
    "Aggressive attorney"
    Eric helped get my roof replaced. Farmers repeatedly denied my claim until I hired Eric.
    - Laurence Malone
    "Progressive Paid"
    Eventually dick made them pay the claim and 18% interest to boot.
    - Insurance Client
    "Best Lawyer I've Ever Had!"
    We fought for six months and State Farm paid to fix the foundation and his attorney fees.
    - Stewart
    "I tried everything to get my insurance claim paid."
    It took a lawsuit for Farmers to pay its claim!
    - Donald
    "Cypress Texas Lloyds Denied Me Until Dick Sued Them"
    Dick sued them and they paid me well over what I originally asked for plus Dick's fees.
    - Tommie
    "Made Allstate pay its claim"
    Cheers for Mr. Dick. Took about 4 months to settle the case.
    - Stephani
    "Made travelers pay its claim"
    He made them pay and my roof got fixed.
    - Margie
    "Made the insurance company pay"
    Insurance company paid me over $20,000 and we settled the case for an additional $30,000.
    - Shannon
    "As an attorney or as a person, I hold him in the highest regard."
    I have absolute confidence in his abilities. He has respect for his clients and is easy to talk with.
    - Karen
    "Awesome Attorney"
    This is one of the most aggressive attorneys I have had. Extremely honest and won't back off.
    - David
    "He will zealously advocate for his clients"
    Eric is one of the best attorneys I know and by that I mean he is honest, fair, and above all else ethical.
    - Chad
    "This group is definitely good"
    This Law Firm got the settlement we deserved for our house
    - Rob
    "Wonderful experience!"
    Good communication and took the time to explain something when asked.
    - Lori
    "My insurance didn’t want to cover any of my damages."
    Eric was able to get my home fixed and also made it to me not having to pay anything out of pocket.
    - Jamey