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When an insurance company sells your business a single, all-inclusive insurance package, this is known as a business owners’ policy, or BOP. Many business owners spring for a BOP due to the purported convenience but can find out that after a crisis has struck their business, the blanket coverage provided by a BOP has holes in it. Insurance providers can use the vagueness in the general agreement as a loophole to try to escape their responsibility to support you financially.

If this has happened to you, taking action sooner than later may be your best bet to set the matter straight and get the coverage you agreed upon when you bought the business owners’ policy. Dick Law Firm and our Houston bad faith insurance attorney have handled thousands of insurance cases for our clients throughout the years. Call 833-7RIGHTS to start your claim with a professional’s insight.


In order to determine if your insurance provider has used insurance bad faith tactics against you or not, you will need to better understand the business owners’ policy you have purchased from them. It might be entirely possible that the contract states that they will not cover you in a situation that you could have reasonably assumed was indeed covered. If this is the case, your claim is not over. If we can determine that the original conditions of your BOP were stacked against you, we may be able to challenge the insurance agreement as a whole.

Most business owners’ policies will include:

  • Property insurance: Actual damages to your business and any contents within, such as computers and registers, are protected against theft, vandalism, and natural disasters.
  • Business interruption insurance: If an unforeseen catastrophe renders your business unmanageable during repairs, your BOP should provide coverage for your lost income.
  • Liability protection: When a third party, such as a customer, suffers financial or physical harm due to your business’s actions, or lack of action, liability protection insurance should kick in and cover their expenses in case of a lawsuit.

Coverage generally not provided in a standard BOP are:

  • Professional liability insurance
  • Auto insurance (your own or for employees)
  • Workers’ compensation benefits
  • Health insurance


Butting heads with your insurance provider after your business goes through a hardship brought upon by one disaster or another will only serve to slow your recovery even more. Let our Houston insurance bad faith attorney take up your case for you. With us taking the reins, you can continue to focus on your business and rest easy knowing that a confident, highly-experienced team is handling the legal matters on your behalf.

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