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When you are up against an experienced team of lawyers, you need to know that you have a high-caliber attorney in your corner. At Dick Law Firm, PLLC, our Houston insurance bad faith attorney has handled 1,000+ cases, skillfully battling big insurance companies. With multiple Super Lawyers® Rising Stars℠ inclusions for our unparalleled legal knowledge and client satisfaction, we have what it takes to ensure your rights as a policyholder are guarded.

Since 2008, Eric Dick has helped clients fight insurers that have mistreated them. He is here to help you get fair financial recovery, not to create any additional financial or legal stress. He is always willing to work with you on legal fees and services. Check out Eric Dick’s attorney profile, or feel free to contact our insurance bad faith firm to learn more about how we can help you!

See What Our Clients Are saying

  • “Kept Delta Lloyds Insurance Company of Houston Honest!”

    Delta Lloyds denied my claim but told Texas Department of Insurance that they were going to pay it. Eric Dick made them pay my claim in full and his attorney fees.

    - Kristie
  • “As an attorney or as a person, I hold him in the highest regard.”

    It is with great pleasure that I write this review in support of my attorney, Eric Dick. He is an outstanding lawyer and advocate for his clients. It is rare to find someone who believes in what he does and devotes the time and energy into his work. I have absolute confidence in his abilities. He has respect for his clients and is easy to talk with. He has solid listening skills, a professional demeanor and upholds confidentiality. Eric's expertise and his ability to think outside the box is energizing. He encourages and welcomes client interaction. His retainer is very fair and there are no surprises. There is an upfront discussion of costs and he informs you as to the monetary involvement depending on what strategies may be anticipated or utilized. He is available to his clients, calls are always returned promptly and you are kept updated and never left in the dark. He fully prepares his client prior to the procedural event. His staff is courteous, skilled and friendly at all times. Eric is genuinely nice, honest, ethical and a highly skilled individual, who happens to be an excellent attorney. He has taken a personal interest in my case and for that I am eternally grateful. As an attorney or as a person, I hold him in the highest regard.

    - Karen
  • “Cypress Texas Lloyds Denied Me Until Dick Sued Them”

    My insurance company repeatedly denied my pool claim. Dick sued them and they paid me well over what I originally asked for plus Dick's fees.

    - Tommie
  • “Made the insurance company pay”

    Insurance company paid me over $20,000 and we settled the case for an additional $30,000.

    - Shannon
  • “Made travelers pay its claim”

    Had repeatedly been denied my insurance claim. He made them pay and my roof got fixed.

    - Margie
  • “Liberty Mutual Accepted My Claim!”

    My roof stated leaking from a hailstorm we had last year. I contacted my insurance company and they were no help. They said that there was no damage and denied my claim. Eric Dick sued them and they paid my claim. My home no longer leaks. Finally!

    - Kurtis
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