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In a world full of uncertainties, business owners can find themselves faced with a number of hazards and accidents that can and do happen all the time. From accidents injuring customers to employees accidentally damaging a client’s property, these risks could potentially hold organizations liable for thousands if not millions of dollars. To compensate, many business owners purchase a Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance policy to minimize their risk. Unfortunately, when it comes time to file a claim, insurance providers may sometimes resort to less-than-honest tactics to undervalue or even deny a business owner’s claim. If you have encountered trouble collecting on a valid general liability insurance claim, a knowledgeable Houston business insurance attorney from Dick Law Firm can represent your interests and fight to help you recover your entitled compensation.

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In Texas, CGL insurance is designed to shield your business against a wide range of claims of liability, including property damage, bodily injury, personal injury, false advertising, and slander. In the event that your business should be sued for any of these reasons, your CGL insurance provider should cover the costs to defend you against the lawsuit and pay any judgments that may be levied against your business, within the policy limits. Insurance providers make a profit on the hope that you will never have to use this coverage, and if you do, they will make every effort to limit the amount of money they have to pay for your claim. If your CGL insurer fails to settle your claim in a timely manner or engages in some other dishonest practice to limit or deny your coverage, you may have grounds to file a claim of insurance bad faith.

Examples of insurance bad faith include:


If you believe your insurance provider has acted in bad faith, our Houston business insurance lawyers can represent your rights as a policyholder and demand coverage on your behalf. Having handled thousands of cases and earned a Superb Avvo Rating for our powerful advocacy, we have what it takes to challenge your insurance company and maximize your chances of securing the financial support you need. Your insurance company will have a lawyer of their own – make sure you have a hard-hitting advocate on your side!

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