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Am I Covered For Backyard Features By My Homeowner's Insurance?


Are you the type of family whose backyard becomes their oasis once the warm weather arrives? Whether you're always outside or not, you may have precious furniture, plants, or other items that you wish to safeguard. Consider whether these patio sets and other features are covered by your homeowner's insurance. Generally, your homeowner's insurance will cover the majority of structures and belongings on your property, but you will need to consult with your agent or insurer to establish whether your backyard arrangement is covered under a regular policy.

Not all outdoor features and structures are automatically covered by a standard homeowner's insurance policy, so you should be aware of what your policy does and does not cover in order to determine if you need additional coverage. In this post, we'll discuss the types of backyard features that may or may not be covered by a normal homeowner's insurance policy, as well as the reasons why.

Homeowners Insurance to Protect Your Backyard Oasis


Standard homeowner's insurance policies typically cover damage to your landscaping and garden caused by risks such as fire and explosion. Typically, landscaping and gardens are covered for 5% of your home's coverage (Coverage A). Examine your dwelling coverage limits and your insurer's particular limit for landscaping coverage to determine your level of protection.

You will need to decide whether your landscape is adequately covered in the event that it is completely ruined. If your dwelling coverage limitations don't cover the expense of repairing extensive or expensive landscaping, your insurance agent can help you determine if you can obtain an endorsement on your existing coverage or if you'll need to seek additional coverage for your plants.

It is crucial to remember that certain homeowner's insurance policies exclude specific landscape-damaging perils, such as hail, wind, snow, and ice. You should consult with your insurer to determine if there are any exclusions and to determine how to obtain coverage for all of the potential risks your home may encounter. Your garden may be covered just for included perils, meaning it may not be protected against insects, diseases, flooding, or earthquakes.


If your deck or patio is attached to your home, it may be covered by your homeowner's policy (Coverage A). Even if it is attached to your home, confirm with your insurer that your deck is covered under your dwelling policy.

If it falls under your dwelling coverage, it will be vulnerable to the same risks as the rest of your homes, such as fire, hail, storms, vandalism, and falling objects. Most, if not all, homeowner's insurance policies do not cover flood or earthquake losses; therefore, you would need to acquire supplemental coverage. You should ensure that any additional policies cover your deck.

If your deck does not qualify for dwelling coverage, you will need to ensure that it is insured under "other structures," which will be discussed in greater detail below.


Most home insurance policies will cover a fence under the "other structures" (Coverage B) section. The "other" or "other" constructions on your property can help cover the enormous, disconnected structures. Learn more about insurance for other constructions on this page.

Additionally, there are sheds, gazebos, fountains, and greenhouses.

Other freestanding structures on your property, including fences, would fall under Coverage B, "other structures," of your homeowner's insurance. Typically, this includes sheds, gazebos, fountains, greenhouses, screened enclosures, and other structures.

Examine the limitations of your Coverage B. You should work with your insurance agent to enhance your limits if they are insufficient to repair or replace all the structures in your backyard. You must also ensure they are aware of all constructions on your property.

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