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What Does Livestock Insurance Cover?


Livestock Insurance Coverage Extends Beyond Cattle

Besides cattle, livestock insurance also covers:

  • Domestic Lambs
  • Swine
  • Goats
  • Horses
  • Mules
  • Donkeys
  • Alpacas and Llamas

Standard Farm Insurance Policies Typically Exclude Coverage for Animal Collisions.

Most conventional Farm insurance policies allow farm owners to add a livestock collision endorsement, but it is not frequently included. On a public road, livestock collision insurance protects animals struck by a vehicle. If your cow is struck by a car, your insurance will cover both the animal and the vehicle, excluding your covered vehicles.

Animal Insurance Does Not Cover All Dangers

Livestock insurance can be added to a typical Farm insurance policy to cover various risks, such as theft and fire. Your insurance agent will review the specified dangers with you to ensure that you have adequate coverage based on your risk aversion.

Livestock insurance can cover individual animals or the whole value of the herd.

The most popular method for ensuring animals is as a herd. When selecting this option, the insurance coverage limit should equal the total value of the herd. Individually listing animals with a higher value per head than the rest of the herd is the best option for farmers and ranchers to ensure proper coverage.

Seasonally Adjustable Coverage For Livestock

Does your herd's size fluctuate throughout the year? Your insurance agent can alter your coverage and premium amount accordingly. The peak season endorsement can increase livestock insurance coverage during the birthing season and decrease coverage while selling cattle. Your insurance agent can help you determine your coverage based on variations in herd value over the year.

You will substantially reduce your financial exposure by obtaining proper insurance coverage for your farm or ranch. Contact your independent insurance agent in your area immediately to discuss your livestock insurance needs.

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