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What is Vandalism and Malicious Mischief Insurance?


Vandalism and malicious mischief insurance is protection against vandalism-related losses. This coverage is included in the majority of commercial and homeowner policies. It is an important insurance component for properties, such as churches and schools, that are unoccupied during specific times of the day. When these structures are unoccupied, vandals are more likely to target them because they know they have a lower chance of being caught.

The Workings of Vandalism and Malicious Mischief Insurance

Due to the risk and frequency of loss, this coverage typically carries a higher deductible for unoccupied properties, such as churches and schools, during certain hours. Vandalism and mischief are defined as the deliberate destruction or harm of property. If the policy requires a separate endorsement for this type of coverage, vandalism and malicious mischief can be written as an endorsement of a standard policy, such as a standard fire policy.

What Are Vandalism and Deliberate Mischief?

Vandalism is the destruction of another person's property for the sole purpose of causing damage. This is one of the most prevalent property offenses. Similar to malicious mischief, although the harm may not have been intended. Some situations, such as egging a house, are ambiguous depending on the outcome.

The risk of vandalism or malicious mischief includes damage to the portions of the premises you are responsible for any personal property. For instance, vandalism occurs if someone slashes your bike tires, which are stored on the property. If someone believes your music is too loud and sneaks into your home to destroy your stereo, they have also committed vandalism. Both losses would likely be covered if they met the policy's deductible.

What type of vandalism results in the most frequent insurance claims? Damage caused by irate ex-husbands/ex-wives/ex-partners. Exes have been known to exact revenge on a former spouse by causing property damage and destruction, often under alcohol. If your ex enters your home and trashes it, this is considered vandalism and is typically covered.

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