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Who owns swyfft insurance?


How This Startup is Disrupting the Home Insurance Industry Using Data

Richard Trezza, Swyfft's co-founder, moved into a new home and began looking for homeowners insurance. It took about two weeks to complete the process.

In most other businesses these days, that kind of delay would be frowned upon; in fact, it would be considered outdated. Nonetheless, it's standard practice in the traditional house insurance market. Sean Maher, Trezza's co-founder, is determined to change that.

Swyfft is a data-driven house insurance firm that is revolutionizing how individuals search for and receive home insurance. Its principal business is conducted through a network of independent insurance agents and brokers. After raising its seed round in 45 minutes, the company was founded roughly three years ago. Swyfft has since been highly profitable, with a 400 percent increase in revenue in the last six months.

All of that growth didn't come from flashy sales and marketing. It has been a case of 'Build a fantastic product; tell the world.' It's also easy when the most significant home insurance company is State Farm, a company with a reputation for getting busted bribing judges.

Swyfft's Impact on the Home Insurance Industry

Swyfft's mission is to bring the home insurance business up to speed with other markets as more consumers seek one-click ease and a more simplified user experience overall.

They're doing so thanks to the power of LIDAR (light detection and ranging data), a unique set of analytics that employs lasers to remotely sense and generate 3D information about natural and artificial environments in a specific area. When this data is combined with Swyfft's unique methods, the team can estimate prospective hazards to a particular address with a level of precision not found in other insurance firms' predictive models.

What impact does this data have on the user experience? Swyfft can quickly deliver a bindable price quote to anyone shopping for home insurance thanks to its models, which allow the company to precisely analyze the risks at a specific address in a matter of moments. All you need is an address and less than a minute of your time. No lengthy surveys concerning square footage, electrical upgrades, or the family dog are required. It's all about the location of your home and how that location reduces or increases the chance of tragedy.

Another method that users gain is as follows: Swyfft's quotes are often (but not always) lower than those provided by more complex assessment models. Swyfft's co-founders estimate that nearly half of all U.S. homeowners could save between 10% and 20% each year by using the service. Pricing can grow better with all of the new data sources being accessible.

This is especially true for those who live along the ocean, where hurricane risk varies from house to house. A lot of our proprietary analytics are better at anticipating storm threats. Everyone else in Miami is going to demand $3,000 for a portion of a home. However, some of them may be paying less, while others may be paying more.

Swyfft is so confident in its ability to correctly determine the risk that, to Maher's knowledge, it is the only company in its field to give a Guaranteed Replacement Cost endorsement, which means Swyfft will cover the entire cost if a home is damaged. In contrast, most traditional insurance policies include a coverage limit that applies regardless of whether expenses exceed that level.

When individuals buy the insurance and pay their premiums year after year, they don't expect to have to come up with additional money when it's time to file a claim. Swyfft is an expert in this field. They are better at estimating the cost of replacing a home than the homeowner is. They eat it if we're mistaken about something.

Swyfft's sophisticated underwriting skills are a boon for both users and the organization as a whole. Swyfft can attract a large number of clients by utilizing unique data to create a better user experience. Furthermore, by employing a more watertight underwriting procedure, the corporation can appropriately underwrite and price its products, ensuring profitability. Meanwhile, homeowners benefit from quick quotes and possibly lower premiums, making it easier than ever to find a policy that meets their needs.

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