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Hailstorms in Texas


Hailstorms are one of the most common natural disasters, wreaking havoc on houses, cars, and commercial property. Hailstorms are a common occurrence in Texas. In reality, in Texas alone, 872 hailstorm events were reported in 2019. Between 2017 and 2019, Texas residents filed 638,000 hail loss insurance claims. These statements reaffirmed our state's long-held position as the worst state for hailstorms in the nation. Because of the devastating effects that even a mild hailstorm may bring, Texans place a high value on property insurance coverage; however, when insurance companies choose to avoid liability for hail damage insurance claims, residents and business owners alike incur significant losses.

Law on Hailstorms in Texas

Hailstorm loss lawsuits in Texas are subject to strict deadlines and statutes of limitations. Policyholders who fail to claim or file a lawsuit within the applicable time limits can permanently forfeit their right to recover. The rules for filing a hailstorm lawsuit in Texas usually are two years from the date of the incident, depending on the magnitude of the storm and the location of the natural disaster. When Hurricane Ike struck Houston and the surrounding areas, an alternate statute of limitations was enacted to give most applicants enough time to file.

Hailstorm clauses are often included in property insurance policies, and they cover several costs, including, though not limited to, the expense of replacing or repairing:

A covering for the head

Windows with trees and other landscaping

Garages, tool sheds, guesthouses, and other buildings can be found on the farm.

a car, a boat, or some other kind of vehicle

Most belongings on the premises

Insurance Claims for Hail Damage

In Texas, our company has successfully handled hailstorm cases where insurance providers postponed, rejected, or underpaid policyholder claims. Insurance firms' bad faith activities are unlawful under the statute, and the insurer could be found financially liable in court. Insurance firms behave in poor faith when they reject policyholders' legitimate claims.

Insurance for Bad Faith

A policyholder may make a claim for bad faith insurance against their insurer. This argument holds insurance companies responsible for their policyholders' duty of good faith and fair dealing. When an individual signs an insurance policy with an insurance provider, both parties are bound by contractual obligations. The policyholder owes the insurer a duty of care to make timely payments. The insurance company owes the policyholder a duty of good faith to uphold the policy and any valid claims made against it. When policyholders are the only ones fulfilling contractual obligations, the insurance company has broken the deal.

The following are some examples of bad faith insurance practices:

A typical example of bad faith insurance denies a claim without providing a reason. Insurance firms must have a justification for denying a claim. Insurance firms also offer policyholders the runaround, delaying, or failing to justify claim rejection in the hopes that policyholders can recognize the loss and move on.

When compensating a policyholder for damages, offering less than the claim is worth violates the contract by undercutting the actual value of the loss. Policyholders have faith in insurance companies to compensate them appropriately so that required repairs can be made. Insurance companies take advantage of loyal policyholders as they want to keep money by underpaying claims.

Failure to conduct a thorough and adequate investigation of an allegation may be just as detrimental as refusing it without cause. Insurance companies can perform shoddy investigations and purposefully disregard facts to avoid paying a claim outright or justify underpaying a claim. This is not only unethical, but it also wastes time that could be spent on repairs.

Misrepresenting the law or the policy's wording is a popular tactic used to intimidate policyholders. Insurance companies can benefit from dishonoring policies by misinterpreting the law or the policy's contractual terms. Insurance companies are kept accountable to policyholders and must answer for their bad faith practices when hiring an experienced insurance claim disputes attorney.

Lawyers for the Houston Hailstorm

Extreme weather is nothing new to Texans. Residents of Houston and the surrounding Gulf Coast are accustomed to hailstorms, and as a result, policyholders put a high level of confidence in their carriers. Policyholders expect insurance companies to follow their policies' terms. Our lawyers work diligently to ensure that victims of hailstorm damage are adequately compensated by providing that each carrier pays a reasonable claim value. If your property was destroyed in a hailstorm, call the Dick Law Firm's Houston bad faith insurance attorney today for a free consultation.

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