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What does explosion damage look like?


Explosion victim homeless

Property damage lawyer Eric Dick said he is now representing 400 Spring Branch residents whose homes have been severely impacted by the northwest Houston explosion. Two people were killed, and more than 200 homes were damaged Friday morning after the blast at the Watson Grinding and Manufacturing facility.

“My clients have no place to stay; they are homeless,” Dick said.

Dick said he filed the first lawsuit on behalf of one of his clients Friday, hours after the explosion compromised the home structure that was less than a mile away from the manufacturing facility.

Residents are now suing the company for negligence for failing to store chemicals properly.

Dick will file a second lawsuit on behalf of his client Van Nguyen, whose home was among the most damaged.

“I was so shocked about everything gone. I’m homeless,” Nguyen said.

Nguyen said it took her seven years to save up and buy the house.

“I loved that house that was my first house ever. I spent lots of time decorating that house,” Nguyen said.