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Spring Branch Explosion


Two other people have died after they were subjected to an explosion at a manufacturing plant in northwest Houston early Friday morning.

The explosion, which erupted about 4:30 in the morning from Watson Grinding and Processing, the damage was done in a surrounding area, and homes and houses were demolished. The damage was felt far away.

Eighteen people have gone to the hospital, reporting minor injuries from the explosion, including shortness of breath and bruises. Another 62 people have entered a Red Cross shelter.

Officials consider the two victims of male Hispanic workers, but it is unknown if the bodies can be found. After the blast, officials said there is no proof that the explosion was deliberate, but they will review the evidence for a potential criminal investigation.

Destroying the surrounding areas

Officials expect 1000 homes to have been destroyed by the blast.

One resident, who shares the region, woke up to the sound of a loud explosion. They heard explosions, stuff on top of them. They looked out the window and saw a fire going up in the air. When they realized what was going on, they realized my roommates were in the other room, and they couldn't get to them because stuff was everywhere. They hollered at them and tried to get everybody and make sure they were okay.

Some residents said that they were injured by broken glass. They thought it was war. Thank God they are still alive, but the houses are demolished. Many residents were cut up all over from the glass."

Officials note that there are approximately 500 homes near the blast, which occurred near 4500 Gessner Lane, north of Clay. We've evaluated roughly 180 to 190 properties so far. Almost all of the houses have been damaged, explained the police Chief. The ones further away from the blast are damaged more heavily than the closer ones.

The researcher said the agency is inspecting the houses to check for structural stability. Many people in need, sadly, have broken windows beside destroyed garages, walls, and roofs.

Everything in many homes is blown, every door, every window, the front door, the back door. Neighbors that live on Stanford Court also explain they were thrown out of bed by the explosion.

Residents explained that animals went flying. My brain just went out, and I got to get out of here, and I got out.

Another nearby resident claimed that he thought the area he slept in next to a window should have been reinforced. He explains that if the pan had been focused in the room, my fiancée would have been killed in the fire. The miracle of God saved me. I got a few minor cuts, but I am here and glad to be here.

Authorities continue to tell local people to avoid the city. Cypress-Fairbanks ISD has closed Bane Elementary and Dean Middle School. Spring Branch ISD says they're expecting transportation delays but otherwise are preparing for a regular school day. Both districts say they'll keep students inside. Houston ISD will be running as usual.

Environmental impacts.

The Department of Environmental Protection appears to show little reason for concern, according to officials.

In the wake of the blast, propylene was released into the air by the firefighters. By 9:30, the firefighters were able to reach the building and secure the leak.

We have put a two-thousand-gallon tank of propylene under vacuum, and we don't have any active leaks.

Propylene gas is a colorless gas used to manufacture compounds in plastics, synthetic rubber, and gasoline. It is extremely flammable and can cause sudden shortness of breath, dizziness, and lightheadedness. The gas can also harm the liver.

It is tragic and infuriating to see that yet another series of hazardous chemical explosions have occurred in the Houston area. These incidents will not be the new normal in a city that is rapidly threatened by industrial growth. The government at all levels must take steps to ensure staff's safety and health and the people living near these facilities. Enough is enough.

In the past year, one explosion in the Houston area left more than a dozen people with minor injuries and the surrounding residents under a shelter-in-place warning for more than three hours.

In November, two blasts heavily damaged homes in the coastal city of Port Neches.

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