Windstorm Damage

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Mother Nature certainly has interesting methods to find a way to cause serious damage to your home. Most of the time, when you hear mention of a natural disaster in Texas, you might understandably think of floods, thunderstorms, or a wildfire, but not typically a windstorm. Regardless of how unexpected a windstorm might be, one is still fully capable of wreaking havoc. But, you have homeowner’s insurance to cover this, so everything should be fine. Right?

Due to the rarity of a full-on windstorm, insurance providers are notorious for doubting related claims made by their customers. Even when the evidence is clear, people will have to go through hoops to pursue recoveries. If they are granted anything, it is likely to be less than what is necessary and deserved.

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When Attorney Eric Dick founded our law firm years ago, he knew that its sole purpose was to help homeowner’s seek fair treatment from their insurance providers. We believe that we have stayed true to that goal, and we know that we can provide you strong legal advocacy in your time of need. There are no cases too small and no companies too big for us to take on, so long as our success means your success.

Reasons you should choose our Houston homeowner’s insurance attorney:

  • Reputation: Insurance companies in Texas know that Attorney Dick is a hard-hitting and knowledgeable defender of his clients’ rights.
  • History of success: Since opening the firm’s doors, he has helped more than 1,000 clients get the recoveries they deserve.
  • High praise: From appreciative client testimonials to a 8.5 “Excellent” Avvo rating, Attorney Dick is well-rated across the board.

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Damage Caused by a Windstorm

Knowing what to look for after a windstorm in terms of damage can help you ensure that you are filing a correct and complete damage claim with your homeowner’s insurance provider. You would not want to miss something major or believe it was caused by something else entirely, ultimately paying for repairs out of your own pocket.

When surveying your property after a windstorm, you might see:

  • Damage caused by thrown debris
  • Removed roofing tiles
  • Walls damaged by fallen trees
  • Shattered windows

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Insurance companies are not well-known for having sudden changes of heart for the better. If you have been denied an insurance claim in Houston, you need to seriously consider taking action right away. Otherwise, too much time could pass and you will be left with no option but to pay for repairs yourself. Request a free case evaluation from our firm by dialing 833-7RIGHTS today!

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