Sudden and Accidental

Sudden and Accidental

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There is an old expression that is it wise to expect the unexpected. As this statement is contradictory to itself, the most we can do is prepare for the unexpected. For homeowners, this means purchasing insurance coverage that includes sudden and accidental damage.

There are two main forms of sudden and accidental damage coverage in Texas:

  1. Smoke: Kitchen fires, electrical shorts, and other sources of flame can cause smoke to billow uncontrollably into your home, either damaging it directly or rendering it unusable due to the permanent scent of ash.
  2. Water: Not every source of damaging water will come from burst pipes and the weather; any other source of water that harms your home or property, such as your furniture, is likely to be covered by sudden and accidental damage insurance.

The key factor in a claim regarding sudden and accidental damage is that it stems from a source that was wholly unexpected. Negligent behavior that a reasonable person should have predicted would cause harm to the property is unlikely to be eligible for coverage.

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Troubles with Insurance Claims

As the name suggests, sudden and accidental damage is something that no one sees coming. Due to the nature of the incident, homeowners often have no choice but to react after the fact and hope that their insurance provider gives them the monies needed to recuperate. On the other side of the story, an insurance company may be skeptical about your claim. To them, an accident might just sound like a story conjured up to conceal what actually happened.

The important thing to remember is that your claim is not about their beliefs. If your insurance coverage states that it includes sudden and accidental damage, they need to fulfill their part of the contract and help you out.

You can collect information and evidence to bolster your claim, such as:

  • Photographic evidence
  • Eyewitness testimonies
  • Records of maintenance

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