Lightning Damage

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As residents of Texas, we know all too well that lightning storms are a relatively common weather event. Lightning can cause considerable damage to a home, causing power surges, plumbing leaks, and sometimes starting fires. When this happens, many people rely on their homeowner’s insurance company to help them pay for the damage. Insurance companies, however, are less than keen on paying and may try to swindle you out of your entitled compensation.

If your homeowner’s insurance provider has unfairly denied you coverage for your home’s lightning damage, a Houston insurance claims lawyer from Dick Law Firm can represent your interests and fight to secure the compensation you deserve. Having fought on behalf of our clients in Houston since 2008, our firm has successfully handled thousands of cases and can use their vast experience to represent your interests in court.

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Filing a Claim for Lightning Damage

If your home should ever be struck by lightning, it is extremely important that you document all damage that was sustained with detailed photographic evidence. These photographs can provide invaluable support that can strengthen your claim and improve your chances of securing a favorable outcome.

Get photos of anything damaged by lightning, including:

  • Motor vehicles
  • Roofs
  • Patio covers
  • Doors

Once you have gathered this evidence, it is imperative that you examine the terms of your insurance policy. If your policy clearly states that lightning damage is covered, your insurance company should not have any reason to deny your claim. Our attorneys can examine your situation and establish the most appropriate course of action.

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