Delayed Claims

Delayed Claims

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Nothing is instantaneous, especially not when you are waiting on a decision as important as how much insurance coverage you will get after an accident, incident, or disaster. Your insurance claim must be handled with urgency, however, and not put on a backburner while you struggle to make repairs and ends meet. If your insurance company is delaying the handling of your claim, they might be using one of the most common insurance bad faith tactics around to try to save themselves some money.

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Why Would My Insurance Carrier Want to Delay My Claim?

In every television ad for insurance companies, everyone seems so energetic and friendly; there is no question those people on the screen care for their customers. Outside of Hollywood, you must realize that an insurance company is looking to make a profit like everyone else. Even if they really are concerned for your wellbeing, there is a bottom line that also requires their attention. This pressure to have a good financial quarter can cause any insurance carrier to resort to insurance bad faith tactics, most commonly delaying your claim.

Your insurance carrier might be delaying your claim in order to:

  • Give you more time to inadvertently accept liability.
  • Allow the damage to degrade so it no longer matches your initial claim.
  • Research more ways to put accountability onto your shoulders.
  • Hope you forget about the claim and it expires without payment.

How Can My Insurance Carrier Delay My Claim?

Sometimes the insurance bad faith tactics of an insurance company intentionally delaying your claim can be obvious and you know you have to stand up for yourself right away. In other circumstances, it is not as clear, perhaps due to the business’s experience with these sort of actions. To protect yourself and your finances, you have keep your eyes open for any behavior that seems suspicious and delays your claim.

Your insurance carrier may delay your claim by:

  • Requesting unnecessary duplicates of forms or documentation.
  • Refusing to send someone out to investigate your claim and inspect damages.
  • Falsely stating that they never received notification of your claim.
  • State they are too busy to get to your claim at the time it was filed.

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Your end of an insurance contract is pretty simple: pay monthly premiums on time. If you have managed to do just that, there is no excuse for your insurance company to delay your claim unnecessarily. If they do, they could be trying to wiggle their way out of their responsibilities. Don’t let them!

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