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What Is A Named Storm Deductible?


A named storm deductible, also known as a hurricane deductible, is a special type of deductible applied to insurance policies in areas prone to tropical storms, hurricanes, or other named windstorms. It is a crucial component of property insurance, particularly for homes and businesses located in regions susceptible to these severe weather events. Here's an explanation of what a named storm deductible is and how it works:

A named storm deductible is an additional deductible that policyholders must pay when their property is damaged by a named windstorm or hurricane, as defined by their insurance policy. It is a fixed amount or percentage of the insured property's value that policyholders are responsible for covering out of pocket before their insurance coverage kicks in.

  • Triggering Events: Named storm deductibles are activated when specific triggering events occur, such as a hurricane or tropical storm reaching a certain level of severity. Insurance policies typically specify the criteria that must be met for this deductible to apply.
  • Variability: The exact terms and conditions of named storm deductibles can vary widely between insurance policies and providers. Some policies may use a fixed dollar amount as the deductible, while others use a percentage of the insured property's value. Common percentages range from 1% to 5% of the property's value.
  • Geographic Variations: Named storm deductibles are most common in regions that are vulnerable to hurricanes and tropical storms, such as coastal areas along the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. The application of these deductibles can depend on the policyholder's location and proximity to the storm's path.
  • Different from Standard Deductibles: Named storm deductibles are distinct from standard deductibles found in insurance policies. Standard deductibles apply to a wide range of perils, while named storm deductibles specifically apply to wind-related damage from named storms.
  • Separate Deductibles: In some cases, a policy may have separate deductibles for different types of damage. For instance, a policy might have a standard deductible for most claims and a separate, higher deductible for named storm-related claims.
  • Higher Costs: Named storm deductibles are often higher than standard deductibles, which can result in greater out-of-pocket expenses for policyholders in the event of storm-related damage. This reflects the increased risk and potential for significant losses associated with tropical storms and hurricanes.


  • Let's say a homeowner has a named storm deductible of 2% on their insurance policy, and their home is insured for $300,000. If a hurricane causes $10,000 in wind damage to their property, they would be responsible for paying the first $6,000 (2% of $300,000) out of pocket, and the insurance company would cover the remaining $4,000.
  • In another scenario, a business owner's policy has a named storm deductible of $5,000. If a tropical storm damages their business property, they would need to cover the initial $5,000 of repair costs before their insurance coverage applies.

In summary, a named storm deductible is a specific deductible applied to insurance policies in areas prone to tropical storms and hurricanes. It's designed to account for the increased risk and potential for significant property damage associated with these severe weather events. Policyholders should review their insurance policies to fully understand the terms and conditions of their named storm deductible, as they can vary significantly from one policy to another.

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