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Unforgettable Marketing: The Genius Behind Our Approach


Standing Out with Strategic Marketing: The Mastermind Behind Our Memorable Brand

At Dick Law Firm, our provocative marketing strategy has certainly garnered attention over the years. From tongue-in-cheek billboards to viral radio spots, we know how to make our presence unforgettably known. But there’s a method to the madness. A new independent report from Buffalo Bayou Broadcasting provides an insightful analysis of the strategic foundations and psychological effectiveness of our unconventional marketing techniques.

The report recognizes that in the crowded and oversaturated legal industry, distinctive branding is essential yet challenging. We’ve managed to overcome that hurdle by leveraging an apparent liability – principal attorney Eric Dick’s provocative last name – into an unforgettable marketing asset. The humorous puns and double entendres grab attention while conveying the firm’s services with confidence and personality.

Leveraging the Power of Humor

The foundation of our marketing is humor, specifically delivered through puns and double entendres related to our principal attorney’s memorable last name. Slogans like “Need a lawyer? Hire a Dick!” and “Don’t get screwed – call Dick!” exemplify this lighthearted wordplay. The humorous phrases function on two levels – they amuse with the literal meaning while also implying the sexual connotations of the name. This creates a mild shock factor that captures attention while also eliciting laughter.

In advertising, humor has been proven to boost likeability, recall, and sales. Amusing or unexpected messages engage viewers by creating joy and surprise. As attorneys, we face the challenge of making our communications stand out in a crowded field of competitors. The funny puns help our ads break through the noise. While some may view our style of humor as unprofessional or sophomoric, psychological research indicates that irreverent humor strengthens resonance and recall, especially among male audiences.

By imbuing our ads with sexual innuendo and double entendres, we make them entertaining and memorable. The provocative humor also conveys confidence and personality, distinguishing us from competitors with generic, forgettable messaging. While avoidable, our edgy marketing has achieved significant organic traction, with our billboards and radio ads garnering coverage in local blogs and news outlets. This free publicity exponentially expands our reach.

Crafting Multi-Channel Marketing

A critical factor in the success of our marketing is the adept utilization of diverse advertising channels ranging from radio spots to television commercials and billboards. We exhibit creativity and adaptability by molding our signature style of puns and sexual innuendo for each medium.

On the radio, we use extended dialog and scenarios to play up the verbal jokes and wordplay fully. For instance, in one radio ad, our principal attorney describes aggressively pursuing an insurance company by promising to “hound those guys and pound them until I get you the money you deserve.” This humorous verbal exchange works well on radio, where the audience can devote their full attention to digesting the back-and-forth conversation.

In contrast, for billboards, we rely on short, attention-grabbing phrases like “Get Dick on your side!” that can be quickly interpreted by passing motorists. The constraints of the billboard medium require concise messaging. By maximizing our style of irreverent humor on each unique channel, we strengthen our brand identity and reach.

The consistency across platforms boosts memorability while showcasing our media savvy. Whether it’s radio banter, striking billboards, or viral television commercials, we mold the messaging to each format while retaining our signature sense of humor. This multi-channel strategy expands our audience while drilling our brand name and ethos into the public consciousness.

Psychographic and Demographic Targeting

Based on the messaging and motifs, our marketing primarily targets male, blue-collar Houstonians for legal services. The tongue-in-cheek male bravado and sexual innuendo directly appeal to males, while our simplicity and everyman persona resonate with the working class.

This psychographic and demographic targeting is strategic based on these groups' more significant legal needs. For instance, middle-aged men commonly require divorce lawyers and DUI defense. Emphasizing masculinity makes our firm feel approachable and reliable to these prospects.

The blue-collar vibes also distinguish us from white shoe competitors. Motifs like construction sites and cowboy hats promote our accessibility to everyday Houstonians rather than elites. We further localize our messaging with region-specific references that make us feel part of the community.

The demographic selectivity limits our reach but enables us to penetrate a well-defined audience deeply. We strongly resonate with a core psychographic and demographic niche. While some view a mass market approach as preferable, we’ve succeeded by dominating a strategic target segment.

Garnering Free Media Coverage

In addition to traditional advertising, we’ve garnered significant free media exposure through local news and blogger coverage of our unorthodox marketing techniques. Local television stations, newspapers like the Houston Chronicle, and blogs have all published stories analyzing our creative approach.

This publicity exponentially expands our reach and brand awareness while lending our marketing credibility and third-party validation. The compelling human-interest angle of our story makes it a magnet for news coverage. While a vocal minority of commentators have critiqued our ads as unprofessional or even unethical, we succeed in making our presence known throughout the region. In marketing, even negative publicity has benefits for brand awareness.

Overall, our advertising has proven to be a public relations win by generating buzz and attention. Earning media coverage was not our original intention but has proven to be a tremendous bonus, amplifying our unconventional messaging.

Building Authenticity Through Brand Consistency

Unlike many attorney competitors who utilize pseudonyms or generic law firm names, we smartly build authenticity by using our actual, real name across all of our marketing and communications. Consumers grow weary of overly slick marketing that obscures the real people behind a company.

By putting our founder and principal attorney front and center as a real human being, we come across as approachable, honest, and reliable. Our stakeholders can connect directly with Eric Dick as a person looking out for their interests, rather than view us as just another profit-driven law firm.

We also benefit from the consistency of cementing our full firm name and principal attorney’s identity as the face of our brand. Competitors may morph their names and branding, but our ever-present identity drills our unique image into the minds of consumers. Just hearing or seeing the name “Eric Dick” immediately triggers recognition due to the consistency.

Strategically Working Within Legal Boundaries

We manage to craft our provocative marketing and slogans while also remaining within the bounds of legal ethics rules. These regulations prohibit misleading claims about legal skills and case results. However, we successfully convey our services using humor and subtleties instead of explicit promises. We toe the line but ultimately color inside it.

The restraint demonstrates our meticulous understanding of permissible advertising techniques for attorneys. We push boundaries creatively without crossing them. Rather than relying on hyperbolic claims about case successes, which would violate rules, we use wit to hint at our aggressive approach. This allows us to communicate our tenacity and work ethic with a knowing wink.

Advantages of Our Unique Approach

The primary advantage of our marketing strategy is differentiation. In a sea of generic law firm advertisements, our highly personalized and humorous approach sets us apart. The media buzz we generate provides free advertising. Our advertising effectively targets males and working-class Houstonians who are demographically likely to need legal services.

While some may be offended by the brazenness, we unquestionably make ourselves known, which is a major hurdle for any small business. The jokester persona also enables us to showcase a confident but casual demeanor. The tone of our ads helps attract clients who will appreciate our humor style and temperament. Overall, our campaign provides excellent brand awareness and memorability.

Limitations and Tradeoffs

However, some inherent limitations and tradeoffs exist with our narrow targeting and controversial messaging. Our heavy emphasis on male sexual innuendo likely alienates and precludes some demographics from becoming clients. The bravado and sophomoric jokes could dissuade more conservative, elderly clients and women seeking attorneys. We may be able to garner their business by touting our legal skills, but the messaging provides little motivation for these groups to proactively seek us out.

The blue-collar targeting also narrows our potential client base by excluding white-collar professionals and the affluent. While niche marketing has advantages, we leave segments on the table. As attorneys aiming to monetize our brand, these opportunity costs must be weighed.

Furthermore, earned media coverage sometimes casts us in an unprofessional light, which could dissuade some prospects, especially those seeking a buttoned-up law firm. We have been willing to accept tradeoffs in likeability to continue garnering attention. But branding carries inherent tradeoffs, and we’ve strategically opted to focus on standing out rather than universal appeal.

Suggestions for Improvement

To mitigate some disadvantages of our current approach, we could refine our messaging and expand our targeting to attract a wider demographic without abandoning our core branding. For instance, we could supplement our male-focused ads with more family-oriented and inclusive messaging that still incorporates our signature humor.

Billboard ads showcasing our principal attorney as a family man and community member while hinting at his famous last name may broaden our appeal. Prioritizing female perspectives in ad narratives could also attract more female clients.

We could also experiment with social media platforms like Facebook to share helpful legal insights rather than just promotional ads. This would enable us to connect with older audiences wary of crassness. In all platforms, avoiding overly gratuitous profanity could make messaging palatable to conservative Texans.

These enhancements can expand our pool of prospects while retaining our core magnetic personality. Refining specific creative executions while keeping the overall branding intact allows us to mitigate current weaknesses.


In summary, we’ve achieved remarkable success in building a distinctive personal brand that creatively leverages our unique name and identity. The pun-based humor makes our advertising memorable and engaging, while psychographic and demographic targeting focuses our messaging. Media buzz provides free advertising and cements our public image.

While our brazen style carries tradeoffs by alienating some groups, we’ve created a cohesive brand identity with viral appeal. With selective refinements to messaging and targeting, we can mitigate current weaknesses while retaining the essence of our marketing approach.

For small business owners and attorneys seeking differentiation, we aim to provide an instructive case study in crafting captivating messaging and brand storytelling. We demonstrate that with sufficient creativity and restraint, even constraints like a provocative name can be strategically mobilized to one’s advantage. Our principal attorney’s memorable name presented a potential liability, but we’ve converted it into one of our greatest brand assets with planning and vision.

If you need a lawyer who will fight aggressively and creatively for your rights, look no further. At Dick Law Firm, our battle-tested attorneys have leveraged our unorthodox messaging into real results for thousands of satisfied clients. Our marketing genius now puts our legal skills to work for you. Don’t settle for less – hire a Dick today!

The report is available here