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What is the Difference Between an Arson Claim and a Fire Claim?


An arson claim and a fire claim are two different types of insurance claims that a property owner or insurance policyholder can file after a fire incident. The main distinction that sets them apart is the cause of the fire.

A fire claim is a claim made by a policyholder to cover the losses or damages caused by a fire that occurred due to accidental causes, such as faulty wiring, cooking accidents, or natural disasters like lightning strikes or wildfires. Fire claims are typically covered by most property insurance policies and can help the policyholder recover from the financial losses and damages caused by the fire.

An arson claim, on the other hand, is a claim made by a policyholder when the fire was caused intentionally, often with the intention of committing insurance fraud or some other illegal activity. Arson is the deliberate and criminal act of setting fire to a property, and it is a serious offense that can result in criminal charges and penalties.

Insurance companies take arson claims very seriously and will investigate thoroughly to determine if the fire was intentionally set. If an investigation determines that the fire was indeed caused by arson, the insurance company will deny the claim and may pursue legal action against the policyholder or any other party involved in the fraudulent activity.

In addition to the difference in the cause of the fire, there may also be differences in the coverage provided by insurance policies for fire and arson claims. For example, some insurance policies may have exclusions or limitations for losses caused by intentional acts, such as arson. It's important for policyholders to carefully review their insurance policies and understand what is covered and what is not in the event of a fire or other loss.

Overall, the key difference between an arson claim and a fire claim is the cause of the fire. While fire claims are typically covered by insurance policies and can help policyholders recover from accidental losses, arson claims are the result of criminal activity and are usually denied by insurance companies.

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