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What Do I Do If My Claim Has Been Underpaid?


Most individuals who have been underpaid by their insurance company either do not want to go through the inconvenience of resolving the claim in court or are unaware that they are entitled to full compensation. Most of them may consider the effort not worth their time or money, and insurance firms are aware of this. The insurance firms will continue to underpay claims unless policyholders begin to sue their insurers in court. Some individuals are naive and, as a result, accept significantly less remuneration than they are owed.

The measures you must take if you feel that your claim has been improperly paid:  

  • Examine your contract and be familiar with the maximum coverage amounts
  • Ask your insurance how they determined the size of your claim
  • Hire a private claims adjuster
  • If your insurer continues to underpay, you should retain a bad faith lawyer

You should take action against your insurer if you have cause to believe that your valid claim is being underpaid. If you have paid your premiums on time and completed all of your responsibilities as a policyholder, you are entitled to be compensated when damages occur. You have upheld your end of the agreement, and they have the legal obligation to do the same. You must first thoroughly review your contract. For instance, if your home has sustained severe tornado damage, you should review your contract to determine the highest amount you can claim under the conditions.

Next, you must contact your insurance provider and request an estimate. They may dispatch a claims adjuster to assess the damages and establish the amount of their guilt. It is essential to inquire how they arrived at their final amount. Note whether this information was communicated via email, telephone, or voicemail. This proof could be used against the insurance company in court if they intentionally underpay you. If their claim appears to be unsubstantiated, you should employ a private claims adjuster to assess the losses.

This is a foolproof approach for assessing if you have been underpaid. If your insurer still refuses to pay you the amount you are due after receiving this report, you must contact a Texas insurance bad faith attorney and resolve this problem in court. In addition to being entitled to full coverage, your insurer must be held accountable for this type of misconduct. It may deter them from underpaying other policyholders in the future and raise their professional standards.

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