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Does the Insurance for My Business Cover Burglaries?


Understanding exactly what your insurance will cover is one of the most crucial components of protecting your business. Despite the fact that the events covered might vary greatly based on your needs and the scope of the policy, there are a few standard coverage areas. Perform due research and carefully read your insurance to ensure that your greatest risks are covered. Communicate with your agent to clarify anything that is unclear. If you have any questions, a rider may be added for an extra fee in some instances.

Most company insurance coverage cover break-ins. Coverage may be limited or more costly if your company is located in a high-crime or other high-risk region. You may want to consider enhancing your insurance policy if you have high-value things on your property. Check to verify if your responsibility is protected if you are concerned about cyber threats, such as a data breach caused by an intrusion. Typically, riots or natural disasters do not cover burglary or theft.

Even better is to prevent burglaries from occurring in the first place.

Store/Display Items With Care

If your business is a storefront, you should avoid placing expensive products in the front window, where they may attract criminals. Neither should you conceal your safe in a rear office. It may seem counterintuitive to place it where it can be seen, but it denies burglars the cover of darkness they would have in a windowless office.

Keep it Simple and Strict

Ensure that the exterior of the property is well-lit and that any landscaping is well-kept and maintained. The height and size of shrubs should not be sufficient to conceal an intruder. The lighting should create hiding places with shadows. A good line of sight will also facilitate the efficient operation of cameras.

Integrate Safety Cameras

Cameras can serve as a deterrent and potentially aid in the apprehension of intruders by recording their behavior or using a remote monitoring service and informing authorities. You may want to consider installing cameras if you do not currently use them. These steps will not discourage a determined intruder, but if you make breaking into your business difficult, they are more likely to move on to the next target.

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