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What is Subsidence Insurance?


Subsidence occurs when the soil beneath your home sinks, forcing your home's foundation to shift. Subsidence can cause the building to shift, resulting in instability and the formation of huge wall fissures.

Does My Home Insurance Policy Cover Subsidence?

Standardly included in the majority of building insurance plans is subsidence coverage, but only if your home has never experienced subsidence. Your building's insurance will normally cover the expense of repairing subsidence-related damage but not the cost of preventing it from happening again. Some policies also cover replacement payments for items lost or destroyed as a result of subsidence and alternative housing if you must relocate while your home is being repaired.

Patios, garden walls, and driveways are typically not covered by homeowners' insurance for subsidence unless the home's primary structure is also compromised.

Never think that your subsidence coverage is automatic. Read the policy's fine print to see what is included, as terms and restrictions vary per insurance provider. Check the excess you'll normally be required to pay for a subsidence claim, which is typically approximately £1,000.

Is Subsidence Insurance Expensive?

The cost of homeowner's insurance for a home with subsidence can vary based on the following factors:

  • The type of structure it is
  • How near trees are to the home
  • How close a property is to a body of water

When applying for insurance, you will be asked if your home has ever experienced subsidence issues. If you reside in a region known to be susceptible to subsidence, your premium may be affected.

If you file a subsidence claim, your house insurance premiums will likely increase upon renewal. You may also find that future claims with the same provider will exclude subsidence coverage.

What is the Distinction Between Settlement and Subsidence?

People frequently confuse subsidence and settlement. Settlement occurs when the weight of a structure forces the soil supporting it to sink.

Settlement is fairly prevalent in newly constructed structures. When a house is constructed, it may shift slightly for a few years as the soil settles or as water permeates the soil. This can result in small cracks in the walls, although in most situations, this is not causing for concern.

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