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What's Covered By My Insurance If A Winter Storm Strikes?


Yes, homeowner's insurance protects your home's structure and belongings against various perils, including winter storm damage. If your home becomes uninhabitable after a winter storm, such as if your roof is ripped off by a blizzard, your homeowner's insurance may assist cover additional living expenses while you stay in a hotel or rental property.

Winter storms can pose numerous forms of dangers. The following are typical winter storm circumstances covered by homeowner's insurance.

Frost and Snow

The weight and accumulation of snow and ice are covered by homeowner's insurance, such as if an ice dam forms on your roof, forcing it to collapse, or if ice builds up on a tree branch and causes it to fall on your gazebo. If the snow causes water damage to your personal goods after the collapse of your roof, your homeowner's insurance may help cover the replacement costs.

Damage Caused By Frozen Pipes

You may be protected if a blizzard or winter storm causes your pipes or home systems to freeze and break or burst, resulting in water damage. However, maintenance concerns are not covered by insurance, so if your pipes freeze due to a general lack of maintenance, your homeowner's insurance will not pay for repairs. Insurers anticipate that you will take as many precautions as possible to safeguard your home. If you left town for vacation without turning off your water and it freezes, your insurance would likely deny your claim.


Blizzards can generate gusty winds. Homeowner's insurance covers wind damage, so if a blizzard rips the roof off your home or causes a tree on your property to fall on your garage, your insurance will assist pay the cost of repairs.

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