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Praetorian Insurance Company


Praetorian Insurance Company is a small insurance provider based in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. They have an A rating from A.M. Best (Excellent). According to the Praetorian Insurance Company's website, they offer auto, home, life, and health insurance plans in all fifty states and the District of Columbia.

There are numerous advantages to considering Praetorian Insurance. They provide some of the greatest rates in the nation, but how do they compare to the finest insurance providers?

The Praetorian Insurance Company's claims phone number is unavailable on their website. However, you may seek a car insurance quotation by calling 855-602-7724 or a home insurance estimate by calling 844-657-1562.

Rates of the Praetorian Insurance Company

The rates provided by Praetorian Insurance vary based on the type of protection purchased. While they do not disclose their rates online at this time, we have offered details on how these rates may be established for some of their most popular products.

Praetorian Auto Insurance

Numerous characteristics, such as location, age, driving record, and others, are used by most auto insurance providers to decide premiums. Praetorian Insurance advertises auto insurance policies for as little as $20 per month on its website.

They also claim to offer several auto insurance savings, including a discount for bundling home and auto insurance plans under the Praetorian brand. This can yield savings of up to 15%.

Before making a selection based on Praetorian's affordable auto insurance prices, it is crucial to evaluate the company's policies and customer service. You must also investigate the minimum auto insurance coverage required in your state, particularly if you are only interested in the bare minimum. The table below covers each state's minimum auto insurance requirements.

According to Praetorian, they offer an additional collision and comprehensive coverage plan. Since basic liability coverage only pays for the other driver's damages in an at-fault accident, collision and comprehensive coverage are often advantageous.

Additionally, Praetorian Insurance includes roadside assistance as part of their standard policy, although many other motor insurers charge extra for this service.

Praetorian Residence Insurance

Similar to vehicle insurance, various factors determine house insurance premiums. Energy-efficient upgrades, the presence of a pet, and your credit score are just a few of the elements that might affect your home insurance premiums. Customer service is the best option to enquire about Praetorian Insurance's premiums.

Consumers Mostly Complain About Praetorian

Consumer Complaint:

I had a terrible experience dealing with this business. One year ago, I was involved in a minor car accident, and this firm made things worse by making me pay more than I was required to.

Consumer Complaint:

Prices and premiums were too costly for such a lack of accommodations, thus they simply weren't appealing to me. Would not advise

Consumer Complaint:

Nothing is transparent, the customer service is really difficult, the staff is uncooperative, and there is no follow-up.

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