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AmTrust Financial Services


AmTrust Financial Services is a property and casualty insurance firm that caters to a specific market niche and has almost 6,000 workers in locations worldwide. Our company has flourished to the point that it is now a market-leading insurance provider. They concentrate on providing small businesses with insurance solutions, with a primary focus on workers' compensation. According to A.M. Best, they have earned an "A-" (Excellent) rating, and our Financial Size is "XV."

Since its founding, AmTrust has been characterized by an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset among its employees. As AmTrust continues to carve out its path to future success, it will continue to set itself apart by relying on the distinctive combination of its people, its culture, its vision, its mission, and its fundamental values.

Detailed Information for Investors

The going-private deal for AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. was completed on November 29th, 2018. Together with the Karfunkel-Zyskind Family, Evergreen Parent, L.P., an entity formed by private equity funds managed by Stone Point Capital LLC, acquired the approximately 45 percent of the company's issued and outstanding common shares that the Karfunkel-Zyskind Family and certain of its affiliates and related parties did not already own or control. Once traded under the symbol NASDAQ: AFSI, AmTrust's common stock has been delisted.

AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. announced on January 18th, 2019, that its Board of Directors had approved the voluntary delisting of all six series of preferred stock and two series of subordinated notes from the New York Stock Exchange (7.25 percent Subordinated Notes due 2055 and 7.50 percent Subordinated Notes due 2055). AmTrust's reporting responsibilities to the SEC concerning the Listed Securities were stopped as of the effective date of the delisting, which was February 7th, 2019. Each series of the Subordinated Notes and the Preferred Stock will continue to count as an outstanding obligation of AmTrust even after they have been issued.

AmTrust takes great satisfaction in its ability to handle claims promptly and effectively. The knowledgeable staff is aware of the significance of prompt resolution of the claims process for all parties involved. The claims strategy is based on an overriding commitment to promptly delivering high-quality service to our policyholders.

Because they have one of the lowest case-per-adjuster ratios in the insurance industry, the claims department can provide its customers the individualized attention they rightfully deserve. Its policyholders are accorded the utmost deference and spare no effort in compiling the data required to settle their claims as quickly as possible.

Its expert claims staff has more than 20 years of combined experience, and its adjusters keep their caseloads to a minimum, enabling them to properly manage the claim files they are responsible for. They encourage a collaborative, team-based approach to the filing of claims, including the injured worker, the employer, and the medical practitioner.

What is AmTrust Financial, and how does it work?

AmTrust Insurance Company was established in Manhattan in 1998 to provide insurance to small businesses. The corporation expanded rapidly through more than 40 acquisitions in the years that followed, resulting in nationwide coverage. Within two years of its inception, the company has grown into the European market, serving 70 nations today.

Worker's compensation and business package policies are the main offers in the United States, written through a range of subsidiaries. Small to medium enterprises with minimal risk levels are the insurer's target market.

Restaurants, transportation, NGOs, professional offices, and financial institutions are among the business classes covered. Independent agents offer the company's products across the country, albeit the products provided differ by state. The company's headquarters are still in New York.

What services and products does AmTrust Financial provide?

AmTrust's insurance offerings in the United States are geared toward small and mid-sized businesses. There are two types of coverage available: bundle and a la carte.

Compensation for Employees

According to the corporate website, AmTrust is the third-largest provider of Worker's Compensation in the country, and it is for this product that they are best known. Worker's compensation insurance packages are tailored to each company's needs and can be acquired separately or in conjunction with a business insurance policy.

The Policy of the Business Owner

The AmTrust Business Owner's Policy (BOP) is a package policy that contains general liability, firm interruption, property coverage, and a variety of extra coverage options tailored to the needs of a particular business. Equipment failure, electronic data security, food spoiling, and other possible scenarios.

Although not all businesses qualify for a BOP, the policy's flexibility allows it to be adjusted to the needs of a wide range of industries.

Auto Service Plus is a company that provides auto repair services.

This package policy is tailored to enterprises in the automotive service industry. Auto repair shops, dealerships, and body shops fall under this category. This insurance includes liability and equipment coverage and coverage for the specific demands of this market.

Other Commercial Coverage Options

AmTrust offers a variety of commercial coverage options and worker's compensation insurance, and package business plans.

State disability insurance is provided in states where employers must supply it.

Commercial auto coverage can be added to a business package insurance or purchased individually to cover vehicles owned and operated by a business.

Cyber Liability coverage protects businesses from the consequences of a data breach and other risks associated with online operations. The insurance can assist pay for data recovery and various other expenses.

Contractor's Equipment insurance is provided for a wide range of contractors, including craftsmen, landscapers, general contractors, and road builders. Contractors' tools and equipment are covered under this policy.

AmTrust's Employment Practices Liability coverage protects you from the dangers of working with people. Wrongful termination litigation, discrimination, sexual harassment, and other issues fall under this category.

Are the company's prices reasonable?

We cannot give a quote comparison for AmTrust due to the specialized nature of business insurance. Rates will vary depending on the type of risk, the size of the company, the number of employees, the company's location, and other factors.

AmTrust agents can provide tailored quotations for each firm to achieve a correct result. We expect them to be competitive as a large insurer, particularly in the worker's compensation market.

What is the procedure for filing a claim?

The claims information on AmTrust's website is quite easy to find. The claims system is computerized, and the website boasts that it is paperless.

With two separate toll-free phone lines for worker's compensation services and other claims, claims can be filed 24 hours, seven days a week. For filing claims, there are additional fax numbers and email addresses offered.

The corporation leverages its Preferred One Source network for guaranteed and fast repairs. The insured, as always, has the option of choosing any repair provider, but no guarantee will be issued.

The claims page provides a general explanation of the process and what the insured will be expected to do. The material is straightforward without becoming overwhelming, and it's simple to get in touch with someone if you have any questions.

Are the company's ratings and customer feedback favorable?

The Better Business Bureau has given AmTrust an A- rating (BBB). Fourteen complaints have been lodged against the company in the last three years, with five of them being resolved in the last 12 months. That is a relatively low complaint volume for a company of this size.

We couldn't locate many customer reviews for this firm, which isn't surprising for a company that focuses on business insurance. While consumers frequently utilize the Internet to file complaints, corporations typically manage issues in various ways. However, seeing a low complaint volume for any insurance company is always positive.

So, what's the gist of it?

If your company fits their market, AmTrust is worth contacting, especially regarding worker's compensation. Over the last two decades, they have steadily grown and built a strong reputation, and they offer a good choice of items that will fulfill the demands of many small enterprises. AmTrust will be a simple one-stop-shop for many forms of coverage for some businesses.


I was an Amtrust client, but due to poor customer service, errors on our audit, extra charges, and slow email responses, among other things, I canceled the contract on December 20th, 2021. However, Amtrust charged both the renewal and the installment, so I need a refund of $164 for renewing and $64 from the installment, which should never have been charged. Send a mail to my address as quickly as possible, explaining why it was charged and verifying the refunds.

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