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Western Surety Company


One of the things that makes Western Surety Company stand out from other businesses is that it has been operated and owned by the same family for four generations. Between 1940 and the middle of the 1970s, Western Surety Company grew to become one of the most important employers in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) cites the city of Chicago, Illinois, as the Western Surety Company's headquarters location.

The Claims Department of the Western Surety Company

There are a few various ways in which you can report a claim to Western Surety Company. The suggested way to complete this task is to go to the website of CNA Financial and click on the option that says "Report a Claim." Choosing this option will send you to a page where you can select the claim you want to make.

If you would instead give them a call, the CNA Surety claims phone number is 1-877-574-0540. They are accessible from Monday through Friday, 8 a. m. to 8 p. m. Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) In the context of insurance, what does it mean to have surety?

A person or entity who agrees to pay a debt on behalf of another party if the other party cannot continue to make payments or goes into default is known as a surety.

2) What is a Certified Nursing Assistant Surety Bond?

This is the commercial and contract surety bonds product offered by CNA Financial in all fifty states. They do business in all of these states.

3) What is the main distinction between insurance and surety?

The surety provides coverage if you default on a loan, whereas insurance protects you in the event of an accident or other uncontrollable catastrophe.

4) How much does it cost to get a surety bond for $75,000?

You could pay anywhere from $563 to $1,125 a year, depending on how excellent your credit score is (a score of 700 or more is considered acceptable credit). However, if your credit score is 549 or lower, you can expect annual costs ranging from $5,625 to $7,500.

5) Can you give me an illustration of a surety bond?

Certain types of payments, such as those made in advance, building contracts, trade guarantees, and warranties, are all examples of surety bonds.

To assist you in filing your insurance claim, consider hiring a lawyer.

Insurance corporations spend hundreds of millions of dollars to pay judges for favorable laws and rulings every year. Property insurance companies are not in the business of paying out legitimate claims in this fashion. Customers are wise to find a reputable attorney before filing an insurance claim.

Generally speaking, working with a knowledgeable attorney early on has the following advantages:

  • You are not required to speak with the insurance provider. It will be more difficult for them to deceive you into saying anything incorrect if you don't communicate with them.
  • The attorney will examine the policy and submit a notice of claim following the applicable laws.
  • To support your claim, the attorney will obtain reports from specialists.
  • The attorney can hire meteorologists to demonstrate that the weather conditions were severe enough to cause storm damage to your home.
  • The attorney could engage an estimator to determine how much you've lost.
  • The attorney could employ a content specialist to compile valuation reports on your personal property.
  • A report demonstrating that the policy covers the kind of loss being claimed can be written by an insurance agent, whom the attorney can hire.
  • To investigate how your loss occurred, the attorney could engage an engineer.

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