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Roofing Scams Texas Residents Should Be Aware Of


Important Advice on Avoiding Roofing Scams

Roofing scams are most common because the perpetrators catch you off guard and when you are most susceptible. When your entire roof has just been devastated by hail, you are unsure what to do next.

At this point, the vultures are at your door, making false promises and spewing lies. When this occurs, you must be quick on your feet and advise them to leave, adding that you may contact them later.

If the storm has damaged shattered skylights or other leaks, you must contact a reputable, licensed roofer who makes emergency repairs to secure your home. This will provide you with the necessary time to consider your next action.

The "Who's on Your Roof?" awareness program is dedicated to preventing roofing fraud by educating the public about potential cons. Here are some of roofers' most prevalent and deceitful schemes to rip you off.


This is the most popular fraud worldwide because homeowners do not recognize it as a scam and comply readily. This trick is utilized by scammers, out-of-state roofers, so-called roofers, and even some real, local roofing companies. Therefore it is important to determine whom to trust.

The con works exactly as follows: the con artist or sales representative will tell you that you do not have to pay your insurance deductible. If you study your insurance policy, you will discover that you are liable for paying a portion of your claim; this amount is your "DEDUCTIBLE."

The con artist will claim to have a way around it by stating:

  • They will pay you X dollars as an advertising fee for placing a sign in your yard.
  • They will not collect the final payment after the project.
  • When the insurance provider sends the depreciation, they will allow you to keep it.

The con artist is correct in one respect: they do have an escape route, but not for you. You, the homeowner, are portrayed as the patsy, fall guy, or whatever word you like for the individual who will take the blame, pay the fines, and/or serve time.

What makes this so criminal is that the scammer has promised all of the profit and more from the task, so they must compensate by using inferior and/or stolen materials, not performing all of the work outlined in the adjuster's report and billing for it, and/or overbilling the insurance company.

Now that they have cheated you out of a decent roof by maybe utilizing "Seconds" or "Defective" shingles (which do not come with a manufacturer's guarantee), they create a phony invoice for you to submit to your insurance provider.

As soon as you submit the invoice, you are guilty of fraud, and depending on how much money you helped the fraudster take from your insurance company, you might face up to two years in prison and/or fines. Yes, and you alone will serve time and suffer legal consequences, as you are the one who submitted the bogus papers.

Simply put, your insurance provider will pay a specific amount to repair your home. They are stating that the fair market value of the total cost of the repairs equals the amount they will pay plus your deductible (this is your out-of-pocket expense).

According to the adjuster's report, they will often release a portion of the funds to get things started and send the remainder once the work has been finished. If you receive a discount on this work (such as the amount of your deductible), it must be reflected on your final invoice; otherwise, the invoice is fraudulent.

This is a "Fraudulent Invoice" if the roofer does not perform all of the work outlined in the adjuster's report yet includes it all on the final invoice. If any of the above occurred and you failed to notify your insurance carrier, you have submitted a "Fraudulent Invoice."

Face the truth that you must pay your deductible (if you believe it's too high, contact your insurance agent to see if it can be lowered) and contact a professional, trustworthy home improvement firm that will take care of you and your storm-damaged property.

Contingent Agreements

Many people believe that contingent contracts are fraudulent, but the reality is that they are a highly helpful instrument in business. When applied correctly, it protects the homeowner from overpaying and helps the home renovation specialist serve the homeowner more effectively. Herein is the deception. The same individuals perpetrate these cons as the "Deductible Scam"; they are related.

The con artist will first tell you a lie about the deductible to persuade you to sign a contingent agreement. Once everything has been cleared with your insurance adjuster, your roofing project and "FRAUD" will commence.

The difference between a scammer's contingent contract and a legal home improvement company's contingency contract is the fine print.

A valid contingent contract will become null and void if the insurance company does not accept the work.

The scammer's team will often say the same thing and include fine print stating that you owe them X dollars for representing you or that you promise to replace your roof at your own expense for an unspecified amount until they fill in the blank.

Paying Upfront

A contractor requests full payment in advance may indicate a scam. This is likely the easiest way for roofing con artists to make money, and it is particularly prevalent among older homes.

They perform a short inspection of the damage, provide an estimate (often an absurdly low estimate), and request payment before beginning the work. If the homeowner accepts, the contractors leave and never return to finish the job.

A respectable and respected home improvement company would NEVER need full payment in advance. Depending on the project, pricing, and/or special order of the materials, there are instances in which the industry standard is for the homeowner to put a 50-70 percent deposit.

It is less risky when a roofer requests a partial payment beforehand because it may be for materials, but there is still a possibility of fraud. If you are not dealing with a local, respectable home improvement company, you must obtain as much information as possible about the worker.

Verify their phone number, email address, and company name. If they do steal your money and flee, you will at least have the information necessary to track them down and take legal action.

Lead Generation Businesses

A lesser-known form of fraud recently reported to the NTRCA involves lead-generating organizations offering roof repair or replacement services in areas recently struck by severe storms.

They will be very careful to avoid mentioning the name of the corporation they represent, which is a significant identifier of these organizations. They are not affiliated with a roofing firm.

They collect the information of those interested in roof repairs or replacements. They then forward the potential customer's lead to a roofing company that has purchased the information from the lead generation company.

This may not sound wholly negative, but lead generation firms generally do not care who purchases their data. These services make it simple for fraudulent businesses and con artists to obtain quality leads on potential targets. If you receive a call from someone providing roofing services, you should request their company's name and contact information. If they hesitate or cannot provide details, decline the offer and hang up the phone.

As Insurance Adjusters, Roofers

Without a license, anybody is prohibited from acting as an insurance adjuster. However, some roofers pose as adjusters to extract more funds from insurance companies and homeowners. If a roofer offers you insurance adjuster services, tell them to leave and say "No."

Some home improvement companies employ licensed insurance adjusters who can assist you with your claim. It is allowed for highly experienced roofers employed by these home renovation companies to meet with your insurance adjuster and assist them in locating all storm damage on your property.

Stay Away From Storm Chasers

Storm chasers are roofing firms, independent contractors, or persons who aren't even roofers that pursue storm-ravaged places to defraud victims by providing their nonexistent services and fleeing with the money.

Avoid hiring a non-local roofing contractor. Before getting into a contract with a roofer, you should inquire about their membership in respected and professional roofing organizations, references, and licensing.

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