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Smart-Home Technology and Homeowners Insurance


Because smart home devices can help lower the chance of filing a claim, home insurance companies frequently offer incentives, such as discounts, for their installation.

That is only one of the reasons smart homes are so popular at the moment. They contain cutting-edge technology that enables us to connect and communicate with numerous areas of our homes via our cellphones. Additionally, most smart houses contain sophisticated security systems that incorporate cameras, motion sensors, and a connection to public safety.

In other words, smart devices can aid in the protection of your house and help you save money on homeowner's insurance.

Discounts For Prudent Homeowners Insurance

Because smart home technology can help make your house more secure, several insurance companies provide discounts to homeowners who install it. If your home is equipped with qualifying smart home equipment, you may qualify for a discount on your home insurance cost.

Several examples of smart home devices include the following:

  • System of security checkpoints
  • Anti-theft gadgets
  • Devices for preventing fires

The majority of insurers give a discount on home security for these and other devices. State Farm, Progressive, Farmers, and USAA are just a few insurance companies that offer savings. Contact your home insurance company if you own a smart home gadget to determine whether you qualify for any discounts.

The Fundamentals of Smart Home Technology

Through an internet connection, connected or smart home technology enables users to communicate and interact with their homes via computers, cellphones, or tablets.

Typical smart home technology-enabled actions include the following:

  • Alarms activation
  • Thermostat adjustment
  • Appliances that are controlled
  • Door locking and unlocking
  • Security system programming
  • Switching on and off lights
  • Obtaining video surveillance footage

Additionally, smart home technology provides users with notifications and real-time data, which can help limit fatalities in an emergency and keep your house secure.

Products Utilizing Smart Home Technologies

The following are some products available to help you make your house more intelligent.

Timed lighting

Timed lighting controls can turn on and off lights in homes, condominiums, and apartments. They "provide the impression of the home occupation," according to Tim Lynch, Ph.D., founder, and president of Quincy, Massachusetts-based Psychsoft Consulting.

According to David Bakke, an insurance expert, "if you acquire a system that automatically turns on and off your lights at predetermined periods throughout the day, you will make yourself less of a target for a house burglary."

Sensors For Doors And Windows

Monitoring your home's entry points is as simple as looking at your phone. If a window or door is opened, you can receive an alarm.

Intelligent Locks

Smart locks enable homeowners to get access to their houses quickly and easily. Smartphones, Bluetooth key fobs, or metal keys can all be used to gain entry. Several provide guest access using electronic keys (or eKeys) that are only valid on certain days and times.

Thermostats Intelligent

Smart thermostats help you save money on your energy expenses. They can be pre-programmed or remotely controlled. Additionally, they provide alarms to your phone if your home becomes too hot or chilly.

Certain smart thermostats have an algorithm for learning. Based on the previous usage, they can forecast which temperatures are optimal and program them accordingly.

Intelligent Smoke Detectors

While you're away, advanced technology detects smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide and communicates with your smartphone. Additionally, they alert you when it's time to replace the batteries.

Sensors For Water And Flooding

Undiscovered leaks by homeowners or renters can be expensive and damaging. You can now purchase sensors for areas susceptible to leaks, such as around dishwashers, washing machines, and under sinks.

Doorbell With Video Surveillance

Video doorbells enable you to see who is at your front door. Additionally, they have recording capabilities and can be used to converse with whoever is at your door.

Why Should You Worry About Smart Home Technology?

While smart home gadgets can help you save money on house insurance, they can also help secure your home by minimizing calamities and avoiding burglary. The following are a few reasons to consider smart home technologies.

It's Far Less Expensive Than It Was Previously.

As Bakke notes, "there are many smart home products available for less than $100."

Miller continues: "Previously, installing smart home technology would have cost thousands of dollars and required the assistance of a professional. Now, shops and online merchants sell do-it-yourself smart home equipment that makes it simple for homeowners to automate their homes."

It Is Frequently Simple To Install And Use

Homeowners can implement the majority of available equipment. There are more open source solutions available now than in history. Numerous models are wireless and do not require special cabling. Simply connect the gadget between the power outlet and the controlled device.

It Averts Or Mitigates Damage

This is a significant selling point for home improvements. Additionally, you'll feel more protected and safe whether at home or on the road.

It May Help You Save Money On Your Energy Expenses

Controlling lighting and temperature can result in cost savings. Have you forgotten to switch off the lights? There is no issue. Remote control options enable you to conserve energy, which saves you money.

Is It Worthwhile To Invest In Smart Home Devices?

Numerous advantages accrue from smart home gadgets. They can significantly reduce the likelihood of submitting a claim. If you're interested in purchasing smart home gadgets solely to receive a discount on your home insurance premium, you should contact your insurer to determine the savings.

Despite its many potential benefits, smart home technology can have some drawbacks. Specifically, concerns exist about the security of certain items. Hacking connected-home devices is possible. Additionally, they may be unreliable if your WiFi is down. Regardless of their shortcomings, smart home gadgets can provide protection, convenience, and peace of mind.

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