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How to Reopen a Homeowners Insurance Claim


If you filed a claim with your homeowner's insurance provider and were paid, you should have gotten a notice confirming that your claim was closed. However, this does not necessarily imply that the matter has been resolved entirely. Suppose you show proof that the firm did not appropriately compensate you for your losses or introduce new information that was not accessible when you initially submitted your claim. In that case, the insurer may review your claim, even if it has previously paid you.

How to Request a Reconsideration of Your Insurance Claim

If your claim is complicated, you should obtain professional assistance, like engaging a highly experienced insurance attorney. You might be able to manage things with the insurance provider yourself in a reasonably easy instance.

Begin by checking your homeowner's insurance policy to ensure that you know your coverage, exclusions, and limitations. Review your claim and settlement letter if you're unsure why the payoff was less than you expected. If the insurance company stated an exclusion, check your policy language to see if it applies to your claim.

Contact your insurance company and ask questions if you have any questions. Keep a written record of every conversation you have, including who you spoke with when you spoke with them and what you talked about. If you talk with someone on the phone, write a follow-up email describing your conversation to avoid misunderstandings or conflicts.

Send a letter to the claims adjuster via certified mail expressing why you disagree with the company's decision. Request a re-inspection of your home if you believe the adjuster overlooked some damage or underestimated its magnitude. You can also have your house inspected and an estimate submitted to the insurance company by a local contractor (and an expert in water damage, smoke damage, mold, etc., if appropriate). At this point, don't threaten to get an attorney. Many experienced insurance attorneys take these types of cases on a contingency fee and can get you reimbursed somewhat for their fees.

What to Do If Your Homeowners Insurance Company Isn't Willing to Work With You

If these steps fail to persuade the insurer to reconsider the settlement amount, you might submit a complaint with your state's insurance department. Still, you are well served if you hire an experienced insurance attorney. Knowledgable insurance lawyers will engage experts and generate reports on your behalf. Mediation is another possibility. However, the insurance company would not be bound by the outcome.

The Decision of Your Insurer Isn't Always Final

When customers receive a letter from their homeowner's insurance carrier announcing that a claim has been closed, they often assume it is the end of the road. However, this is not always the case. You have the right to call the insurer's settlement into question. When homeowners disclose additional information from experienced home insurance attorneys, firms may backtrack and payout more than they initially provided. If the amount you were given isn't enough, look into all of your alternatives to acquire the compensation you deserve.

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