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Eric Dick Speaks on Winter Storm Uri Claims


People in the Houston region have been dealing with broken water lines and damage due to the February winter storm that occurred for several days.

Routinely, a group of residents gathered in the Heights for a town hall meeting. The conference gave attendees information on how to file insurance claims and assistance to unfamiliar with the process.

Tim Mullinax, one of those homeowners, told a familiar scenario.

Mullinax stated, "Three broken pipes in the house, some sheetrock damage." "We were without power for 58 hours, which caused the pipes to burst."

Attorney Eric Dick is representing over four hundred people, including Mullinax. The majority of people indicated they had problems getting insurance companies to recognize their claims.

Others are unsure how the process works, and some have yet to hear back from their insurance companies.

"They need to understand that they are not alone in this process," Dick said. "They have the right to retain the services of an attorney. They have the option of employing someone with experience in the industry that can help them. Consumers need to know that they the right to ask for assistance."

Thousands of more people are probably looking for the same assistance right now: cleaning up the mess and managing the paperwork—all to reassemble a puzzle.

"Asking questions and making sure I'm doing everything I can to have my house in order," Mullinax explained. "As well as looking after my family."

There are a handful of attorneys who will represent clients on a contingency basis, according to Dick, for people who need legal help but don't have the funds. Be sure to get an attorney that is experienced with insurance claims. Experience makes the difference.

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