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Kin Insurance Overview


Review and overview of Kin Insurance for the year 2021

Kin is a cutting-edge new home insurance firm that specializes in high-risk areas. Kin is unique because the critical states in which it sells policies are prone to hurricanes, wildfires, and other severe weather disasters. Kin was founded in 2016 and is based in Chicago. Kin takes pride in providing low-cost home insurance in states where many insurers are hesitant to sell policies. While Kin only sells coverage in a few areas, the business estimates that switching to Kin can save the average homeowner $500.

We'll go through coverage options, discounts, and other significant features in our Kin homeowners insurance review, so you know what to expect as a Kin customer.

Kin's primary product is currently homeowners insurance. Consumers should be aware right away that Kin Insurance is not for everyone, not least since its products are only offered in a few states. The firm specializes in homeowners insurance for flood-prone and hurricane-prone locations. This immediately distinguishes Kin from the competition, as many major insurance companies are risk-averse and write fewer policies in such regions. Kin Insurance may be a viable alternative for basic coverage for those struggling to acquire coverage in high-risk areas.

JD Power Rating — This product has not been rated by JD Power.

Kin Insurance has an A (Exceptional) rating from independent rating agency Demotech while not being assessed by AM Best, a reputable financial rating agency.

Above-average NAIC rating: According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Kin got fewer consumer complaints than the national average (NAIC).

Kin Insurance's Benefits and Drawbacks

Homeowners in hurricane-prone locations or high-risk zones

Customers seeking basic insurance coverage at a low cost

Homeowners who live beyond their service area

Homeowners who want a variety of coverage alternatives

Customers that prefer to work with a representative

Where can I get Kin Insurance?

Kin is only available in Alabama, California, Georgia, Florida, and Texas for the time being.

Options for homeowners insurance coverage from Kin

To generate your quote, Kin largely relies on data. Kin starts with your address and retrieves property data, real-estate listings, and satellite imagery when assessing your rates. These are used with your personal information to get a quote.

At Kin, you'll find coverage for your house, other structures, personal property, personal liability, loss of use, and medical costs, as well as other basic home insurance coverages. Unlike most insurance firms, Kin exclusively offers replacement cost insurance rather than actual cash value insurance, which deducts depreciation from your claim settlement. This is advantageous if you experience covered property loss since it ensures you receive the total amount required to replace what you lost.

Kin offers HO-3 home insurance coverage for standard residences, which are the most frequent, as well as:

  • Condo insurance (HO-6)
  • HO-7: Policy on mobile homes
  • Landlord policy (DP-3) (to be released soon)
  • Kin doesn't have a lot of endorsements or riders to add to your house insurance policy. Kin offers two optional coverages, which are detailed below. Note that most other carriers have these as well.

Scheduled property: Precious objects such as jewelry and antiques have their sub-limits, which may not be enough to replace them if they are lost or damaged fully. This endorsement broadens the scope of coverage for specific items.

Identity fraud protection: If you become a victim of identity theft, this endorsement will pay any incurred expenditures. Kin will also offer you an identity theft specialist to assist you in restoring your identity.

Flood insurance, hurricane coverage, and wildfire coverage are all available via Kin.

Kin conveniently offers flood insurance as an endorsement — but only in the state of Florida — as an insurance carrier prepared to take on the risks of insuring clients in coastal regions or possibly dangerous places prone to natural catastrophes. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), typically the default option for most households seeking flood insurance, is not available through this private flood insurance alternative.

Kin's flood insurance waives the 30-day waiting period. It covers your property (housing, other structures, and personal goods) up to your particular coverage limits, just like many other private flood insurance policies. In comparison, flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) provides up to $250,000 in dwelling coverage and $100,000 in personal property coverage. Private flood coverage is the best approach to safeguard your home from flood damage if the value of your home and property exceeds the NFIP's restrictions.

While hurricane-specific insurance isn't available, standard homeowners policies include wind and hail coverage. In jurisdictions with separate hurricane deductibles, Kin gives policyholders the option of choosing between the average amounts: 1% to 10% of your dwelling coverage or a flat cost, depending on your state's rules.

Kin provides homes insurance in California, a state that is more prone to flames than others. While Kin's insurance covers wildfires, other risks that may arise due to such flames may not be. Flooding and mudslides, for example, are typically excluded by most policies.

Discounts on insurance for family members

Kin offers the following cost-cutting strategies for policyholders to be competitive with discounts provided by other house insurance companies. These reductions may differ per state.

Discounts based on where you live

To qualify for this price, you must have a home security system or fire alarm installed.

Wind mitigation: This is a house examination that assesses and certifies your home's windstorm resistance, which can save you money.

If you live in California, Kin offers a discount if you take steps to make your home more fire-resistant, such as installing ember-resistant venting or signing up for an annual brush removal contract.

Installing water leak monitoring devices in your home to avoid water damage qualifies you for this discount.

Kin provides a lesser cost if your home was built recently and is covered by a builder's warranty.

Kin's solution that makes it more challenging for contractors to take advantage of homeowners filing claims is "responsible repair." You may be eligible for this reduction if you agree not to turn over the benefits of your claims to a contractor if you need repairs.

Kin offers some savings if your house is energy-efficient and satisfies the environmental standards of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System.

Discounts are based on the policy you have or the policyholder you are.

Claims-free: If you haven't claimed in the last seven years, you should expect a lower premium.

Policy on electronic communication: Enroll in paperless policy management to save $10.

If you reside in an HOA-managed or secured neighborhood, you may be able to save money.

First-time homebuyer: Have you recently purchased a home? Inquire about this special offer.

The homeowner of a certain age: If you're above 50, you can get a senior discount.

Make a full payment: Pay your premium in full to avoid the monthly processing costs that insurance companies often demand.

Additional insurance coverage

The company's flagship insurance product is homeowners insurance, although it also offers the following property-specific coverages:

  • Insurance for condominiums
  • Insurance for mobile homes
  • Insurance for landlords
  • Umbrella insurance is a type of coverage that protects you against
  • Insurance for a second home

What is the procedure for canceling a Kin Insurance policy?

Contact Kin Insurance's customer service department at (855) 717-0022 to cancel your coverage.

Online features of Kin Insurance

Because we are a tech-focused insurance company, the majority of our consumer interactions will take place online. For example, Kin's online quotation tool takes into account not only consumers' personal information but also the risk rating of the property being insured. They accomplish this by analyzing satellite and drone photos, as well as historical data to determine the danger level for your home.

Many of the standard capabilities offered on most house insurance websites are available to customers, including the following:

  • Account administration through the internet Claims portal
  • Paying bills online.
  • Kin Insurance does not have a mobile app at this time, despite being an insurtech firm.

Is Kin home insurance a good fit for you?

Kin could be an excellent alternative with low insurance rates if you don't require more than the average amount of homeowners insurance and live in a state where Kin offers coverage. Given that they specialize in states that are considered higher-risk — which means higher home insurance premiums — choosing an insurer like Kin knowledgeable about these risks could be a wise move. You can add a flood insurance endorsement to your home insurance policy for extra peace of mind without having to pay a separate monthly insurance cost.

Kin has mainly received excellent feedback from customers on sites like Trust Pilot and Google. However, recognized organizations such as AM Best and JD Power have yet to assess their financial strength and overall consumer experience. This may change if the company establishes itself in the insurance industry, but it's something to bear in mind while you browse.

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