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Texas City Tornado


A possible tornado hit Texas City on Wednesday night after severe storms rolled through the area. The damage was caused to the Brazos Urethane building on 6th Street North. The road was closed as the crew moved the debris.

About 6 a.m. Thursday, Texas City ISD released the following update on classes' status and impacted schools.

Due to storm damage, Calvin Vincent Early Childhood and Kohfeldt Elementary will NOT have school today. There will be a delayed start (9 a.m.) for Blocker Middle School, Texas City High School, and ITC. School is typical for all others.

Storm damage is a destructive consequence of weather-related events. This may include damage to the exterior of your homes, such as your roof shingles blowing off after a windstorm or the siding of your home from the hail. Storm damage may even affect the interior of your home, such as the power surge damage caused by a lightning strike. Storm insurance is part of your homeowner's policy that can help to cover the cost—after deductible—of repairing or replacing the damaged area.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Storm Damage & What's Insurance Cover?

Typically, wind or tornadoes, wildfires, ice storms, falling trees, and lightning strikes have a certain level of coverage as part of the standard policy. Make sure you understand the types of storms that come under your specific disaster and not post-disaster policy. There are additional coverages that you may want to consider giving yourself a more comprehensive range of protection. Things like matching siding coverage, roof replacement cost coverage, and sump pump overflow coverage are important additional coverages to protect yourself from storm damage better. Usually, floods and earthquakes are excluded from your standard policy, but you have the option to purchase coverage for these types of events. Contact Dick Law Firm to understand better how you can choose to protect yourself.

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aransas pass
hurricane betsy
most significant damage
water main break
hurricane irene
record flooding
tropical storm irene
moderate damage
widespread power outages
the houston ship channel
hurricane alicia
significant flooding
tropical storm lee
hurricane gustav
flooding damage
hurricane hugo
matagorda bay
catastrophic damage
jamaica beach
hurricane isabel
texas coast
hurricane frances
heavy flooding
hurricane isaac
only minor damage
extensive flooding