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Houston Hail Storm



Texas residents have paid a high price for hail losses in 2016. Two recent hailstorms, one in North Texas and the other in San Antonio, are estimated to have cost more than $2 billion in damage. Softball-sized hailstones pelted areas like Murphy and Wylie during the North Texas storm, causing dangerous conditions and extensive damage. It is expected that the damage caused by this weather event will take years to repair. A Hail Damage Compensation lawyer will help you prevent exclusions and other roadblocks to getting your claim paid.

In San Antonio, baseball-sized hail caused an estimated $1.4 billion in damage across the area, making it the most expensive hailstorm in Texas history. These hurricanes, and many others like them, wreak havoc on property owners, and the insurance companies that are meant to help only make it worse.


The magnitude of these intense storms has resulted in substantial damage to siding, windows, and other exterior areas of commercial buildings, in addition to roofs. Insurance agencies are also processing and approving claims for residential and industrial property owners, preventing their buildings or residences from being adequately fixed. Insurance firms have been slow to respond to the massive influx of claims from the hail events in Texas because of the significant expenses that storms like these incur. While insurance companies are well aware of the dangers of large-scale storms and other disasters, they are unprepared to handle the number of claims they generate, which can be costly to their bottom line.

The harm that these accidents cause is nothing new to insurance firms. In 2012, similar storms swept through the Rio Grande Valley, causing $330 million in residential damage. Since insurance firms were sluggish and hesitant to process claims at the time, thousands of cases were filed in the region due to the storms.


Unfortunately, even though property damage claims are insured, insurance firms also take a long time to process them. Not only that, but they may contest the allegation or flatly refuse to cover it. Insurance providers often use these strategies to stop paying the total value of a claim. For refusing to pay a covered claim, both residential and commercial property owners may experience wrongly denied claims, delayed payment, and even bad faith on the part of the insurance provider.

An experienced insurance attorney will level the playing field and find illegitimate reasons why the claim is being denied or disputed. Set up an appointment with a Hail Damage Claim Lawyer at Dick Law Firm to explore your options for your home or company.

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