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ASI Lloyds Complaints


American Strategic Insurance (ASI) provides home insurance plans ranging in price from low to high. The firm has good financial support and stability as a member of the Progressive insurance network. You've come to the right place if you want to learn more about this home insurance company. We looked at ASI insurance reviews and discovered some fascinating information to share.

ASI is one of the 15 largest homeowners insurance firms in the United States, despite being one of the market's youngest companies (23 years old). Via an extensive network of independent contractors, the organization operates in 41 states, providing consumers with agent-based services.

The company's policies are valid for both homes and condos and provide various choices tailored to the user's specific requirements. The business is well-known for providing outstanding customer support.

Using ASI to File a Claim

Given ASI's low customer service scores, you should know your coverage means and be persistent when filing a claim for proper payment. Customer complaints about the claims process often mention incorrect damage estimates and the claims department's lack of responsiveness. ASI's claims of a guaranteed 48-hour response rate and a 24/7 emergency claims service team are unfounded. If you have an ASI policy, you can file a claim by calling the company at 1-866-274-5677 or logging in to the company's online claims center.

Affiliates and the Structure of the ASI

ASI is a conglomerate of insurance subsidiaries that work under the umbrella of ARX Holding Corp., a holding firm in which Progressive Corp. has a majority stake. The ASI group includes the companies listed below. Depending on your place, you can work with one of these ASI affiliates if you're looking for homeowners insurance.

Customer Service Reviews and ASI Ratings

Customer experience and product choice scores for American Strategic Insurance are usually weak or don't stand out from the market. Lousy customer service relating to claim resolutions is frequently mentioned in negative reviews, including incidents in which ASI canceled policies prematurely, was unresponsive to claim requests, or did not accurately determine home harm. Furthermore, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, ASI's complaint ratio is 1.55, compared to a national median of 1.0, indicating an unusually high rate of consumer complaints.

ASI homeowners insurance quotes are moderate to expensive as compared to other major insurers. Below, we compared ASI's quotes to those of three prominent competitors: AIG, Amica, and Travelers. ASI premiums were consistently among the highest in our survey, trailing only Amica through three policy limits. If you're thinking of buying ASI insurance, ask your insurer about taking advantage of any of their offers to close the price gap with rivals.

Discounts on ASI Home Insurance

If you buy a car or qualify as a low-risk customer, ASI offers a range of discounts that can cut the premiums by up to 55 percent off the base price.

Car owners can take advantage of one of ASI's best perks by bundling their homeowner's insurance with an auto policy written by an ASI-preferred partner for a lower premium.

Bundling may also include a specific single-deductible option, depending on your state. If a protected peril affects your home and your car, you may only be responsible for the vehicle deductible. Progressive Home Advantage, Geico, and USAA are among the preferred partners. Discounts for this package differ, but in New Mexico, a regular preferred partner discount will reduce your home insurance premium by around 10%.

ASI also provides exclusive discounts on third-party water leak detection, fire safety, and burglar protection devices. If you're looking for ASI homeowners insurance, we suggest looking into these choices because they will help you save money on your premium. For example, ASI offers a 15% discount on leakSMART water monitoring systems, which qualify you for a discount on your insurance premium if you install one.

In certain areas, ASI works with car insurance providers, such as Progressive, to provide incentives for bundling the homeowners and auto insurance. In the world of homeowners insurance, bundling discounts are popular, but ASI stands out with a one-of-a-kind single-deductible package for your auto and home insurance bundle.

ASI operates through independent insurance brokers rather than offering online quotes, but it does provide online policy management and payment solutions. Customers benefit from the agent model because they have a single point of contact, but the organization has a bad reputation for customer service. ASI has a bad reputation among customers, receives an unusually high number of complaints, and is one of the worst-performing home insurance companies in terms of customer service.

Bottom Line: ASI is a well-established home insurance company with offices in 41 states that offers a conventional, agent-based business model to consumers, but one with low customer service ratings. The purchasing of ASI by Progressive gives it a good reputation, but that doesn't make up for its service and price competition shortcomings. If partnering with a reputable insurer is essential to you and taking advantage of ASI's numerous discounts, it may be worth getting a quote from American Strategic Insurance. Otherwise, you're more likely to find a cheaper scheme from a competitor with superior customer service.

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