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Allied Trust Consumer Complaints


In late 2015, Allied Trust Insurance, a Texas-based personal lines insurer, plans to launch a one-stop-shop with a bundled offering of homeowners, auto, flood, and umbrella insurance.

Allied Trust Insurance specializes in homeowners insurance, giving homeowners peace of mind by ensuring the safety of their most precious asset – their house. Other insurance policies offered by the company include umbrella insurance, condo insurance, renters insurance, and various others, all of which are designed to protect your property from natural disasters, fraud, and injury.

Allied Trust Insurance Company has a long history of offering insurance policies to customers. It provides home insurance in two states and auto insurance in one.

According to many Allied Trust home insurance reports, the insurance company is recognized for its high-quality products and outstanding customer service. When compared to other comparable insurance companies, it attracts far fewer complaints.

For its fast claim handling, Allied Trust Insurance Co. earned a spot in the home insurance niche.

Where do I get it?

The headquarters of Allied Trust Insurance is in Tampa, Florida. Texas and Louisiana are the states that are currently represented. Allied Trust Insurance is a Texas-based personal lines insurance company that provides various coverage options, including homeowners, car, umbrella, and flood insurance.

Review of Homeowners Insurance

One of the features that distinguish Allied Trust from other similar coverage providers is that you can customize your insurance plan to meet your unique needs.

The firm offers umbrella insurance, which allows customers to bundle several coverage options into a single policy. According to its official website, the company will deliver deals in the future, which is something to look forward to.

Options for Allied Trust insurance coverage

Accidents, fire, weather-related losses, burglary, and water damage are all covered by Allied Trust Insurance. The best thing about establishing an Allied Trust is that it safeguards both your personal belongings and your valuables. Allied Trust also provides insurance in cases where losses have resulted in personal injury.

The following forms of insurance coverage are available through Allied Trust Insurance Co.:

  • Insurance for homeowners
  • Coverage for equipment breakdowns
  • Insurance against identity fraud
  • Insurance against flooding is available.
  • Insurance against fire
  • Umbrella insurance is a form of coverage that protects you from
  • Insurance for condominiums
  • Renters insurance is a form of insurance that protects tenants

For those looking for multiple plans for added cover, Allied Trust Insurance often provides package options.

Pricing for Homeowner's Insurance

Homeowner's insurance typically covers accidents that occur on your land. This means you won't have to worry about high hospital bills or litigation.

While most homeowners insurance plans have $100,000 in liability coverage as a minimum, it is recommended that you buy at least $300,000 in range to protect yourself and your family.

The cost of home insurance will be determined primarily by the type of property and any other bundled packages you have chosen. You can get a quote from Allied Trust by going to the company's official website. Allied Trust payment information can be obtained by contacting the organization directly at the Allied Trust phone number or email address.


Many of the benefits of Allied Trust's home insurance policy include:

You get comprehensive personal property coverage, ensuring that your most valuable possessions are still protected.

Allied Trust Home Insurance covers not only your valuables within your home but also damage to other areas of your land.

Coverage for Liability

Liability compensation from Allied Trust Insurance Co. protects the properties in the event of an accident that causes property harm or personal injury.

Fully customizable coverage

One of the key characteristics that distinguish Allied Trust Insurance Co. from the competition is that their insurance plans are highly flexible.

Home insurance from Allied Trust is entirely flexible, meaning that you get the coverage that best fits your needs.

Service to Customers

Allied Trust Insurance Co. takes great pride in providing exceptional customer support. The organization offers specific contact information so that consumers can get easy answers to their questions.

Analysis of Customer Satisfaction and Financial Strength

Many of the major rating agencies offer Allied Trust Insurance Co. high ratings and good feedback, a testament to the high level of service that the insurance agency provides.

Compared to other insurance companies in the same niche, Allied Trust's BBB ratings are comparatively higher. Allied Trust also receives a high rating from AM Best.

Customer Service

Allied Trust Insurance Co. provides its customers with a variety of customer service support services. This ensures that by contacting Allied Trust Insurance Co., you can quickly get any inquiries or questions you might have answered promptly.

The customer service number for Allied Trust is 844-200-2842.

Customer service can be reached at

You may also fill out an online form on their official website to get your questions answered.

Purchasing and Claims Handling Ease

Allied Trust Insurance Co. makes it easy to find the right insurance policy or umbrella plan for you. Allied Trust Insurance provides flexible claim filing services that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Allied Trust claims procedure has also been simplified.

To report an allegation, dial the Allied Trust claims number: 1-844-200-2842. After contacting them, you will be approached by a claims representative who will go over the claim's specifics with you.

The Advantages

Coverage For Your Whole House

Alternatives to Home Insurance

Outstanding Customer Service

The Negatives

During the claims process, some customers have complained that the company's representatives ask so many questions.

The Last Word

Allied Trust Insurance Co. should be right up your alley if you're looking for a reliable home insurance company with a variety of personalized insurance plans. There are many benefits to purchasing home insurance from Allied Trust.

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