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Hurricane Laura


Hurricane Laura Insurance and Damage Attorney

Hurricane Laura crashed near the border of Texas as a Category 4 hurricane. Category 4 hurricanes are considered major hurricanes, enduring wind speeds between 130-156 MPH, causing severe wind damage and storm surge flooding.

Hurricane Laura has the potential to damage many homes, condos, businesses, apartments, and other entities in Texas and Louisiana, leaving their owners to pick up pieces. If Hurricane Laura has harmed your home, business, or other property, it's essential to know your options when it comes to claims for hurricane insurance. We will explore the type of damage covered by insurance policies and what you should do if your home or property suffered damage from this latest Texas hurricane.

Texas areas affected by Laura

Although Hurricane Laura only landed across the Texas border, some cities were still greatly affected not only by heavy winds but by dangerous storm surges leading to severe flooding.

Texas Cities hit by Hurricane Laura:

Alba Athens Atlanta Beaumont Ben Wheeler Big Sandy Bullard Canton Carthage Center Chandler Clarksville Coldspring Cooper Crockett Daingerfield Diboll Edom Emory Flint Frankston Gilmer Gladewater Grand Saline Gresham Groveton Gun Barrel City Hawkins Hemphill Henderson Jacksonville Jasper Jefferson Joinerville Kilgore Lindale Linden Livingston Lone Star Longview Lufkin Lumberton Marshall Mineola Mt. Pleasant Mt. Vernon Nacogdoches New Boston Newton Noonday Orange Paris Palestine Pittsburg Port Arthur Quitman Rusk San Augustine Sulphur Springs Texarkana Troup Tyler Van Waskom Whitehouse Winnsboro Winona Woodville

Insurance claims from Hurricane Laura in Texas

Hurricane damage is a huge business, and sad to say your insurance company is not always on your side to get your property fixed and your life back to usual after a hurricane. Suppose your home or other property has suffered damage directly from Hurricane Laura. In that case, you may want to consider hiring a lawyer for hurricane damage to get the cash you need and deserve to reclaim your life after this natural disaster.

Property damage by hurricanes and windstorms

Hurricanes are destructive and can cause many other natural disasters that can amplify the damage left in the wake of a storm. Wind damage is a common type of property owners see in a storm. Property damage from powerful winds includes:

Roof lifting:
Roof lifting is just as it appears – your roof lifts off your residence or other property and either come off or leaves severe damage.
Roof damage: During a hurricane, additional damage may occur to your roof. Ultimately, this may result in a need for full roof replacement.
Severe failure: strong winds blow trees and electric lines. These may collapse on your household bringing down segments of your residential walls, roof, or other structures like a shed.

Garage door damage:
Garage doors are often very susceptible to high wind damage and can blow in, blowdown, or be damaged. This can damage your cars and potentially cause your vehicles to be ruined.
Broken windows: Broken windows are standard in high winds and may leave your house or property susceptible to damage.

Moisture damage:
High winds can blow in water, leaving your home exposed, making the mold and mildew highly likely. When hurricane winds break a window seal, water damage is expected to occur.
Damaged siding: debris caused by high winds can damage the decking of your property.

Door Loss:
High wind speeds can cause doors to blow in or even completely off their hinges, requiring door repair once the hurricane has passed.
Sliding glass doors: Strong winds can break the seal around the glass doors, causing severe water intrusion. This can cause mold and other moisture problems.

Other common injuries seen as a direct result of windstorms include damage to the pool, carport and porch damage, damage or loss to the automobile, projectile damage, devastation or loss of personal property, and damage to septic tanks. Luckily, all internal damage due to wind or water damage due to hurricane should pay in full if you have homeowner insurance. However, obtaining insurance and seeking compensation is not as straightforward as it sounds.

Insurance claim in Texas for damage to Laura Hurricane

If you've experienced property damage from Hurricane Laura, you're probably going to file a claim with your insurance company if you haven't already. Unfortunately, insurance claims can be a severe issue for those on the Texas Gulf Coast, and insurance carriers can delay, deny, or reduce proper insurance claims. That's because these insurance companies most likely aren't always on your side – they're usually only on your side when they collect money. When making payments for claims, your insurance company will do just about anything to reduce your request or prevent you from being fully covered by the hurricane-related damage insurance.

One of the main reasons insurance claims after a hurricane like Laura are so tricky is that there are several stipulations and loopholes in insurance companies' storm damage policies. For example, some insurance carriers may inform you that your claim for hurricane property damage to your house is not valid without proving it, requiring you to provide extensive damage documentation before receiving a single penny.

Insurance company "independent" adjusters are not afraid to exploit the more inexperienced policyholder (you). Many insurance adjusters will do their utmost to reduce or exclude your property claim. That's why it's essential to seek professional help from a dedicated and experienced insurance claim attorney like Eric Dick if you've experienced property damage from Hurricane Laura.

If Hurricane Laura damaged your property:

If your residence has suffered wind or flood damage from Hurricane Laura and you don't feel your insurance company is doing its job to compensate you, turn to Dick law firm for a confidential free case assessment. We understand how frustrating it can be to destroy your home or other property and have your insurance company do nothing about it or take weeks or even months to compensate. Our company can help you get quick money to start rebuilding your life while working with your insurance company to get the cash you are entitled to.