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What to do if you disagree with the insurance adjuster


What to do if you disagree with the insurance adjuster

Being in a situation where an insurance claim from your home insurance company can be stressful. Whether the outcome was due to a natural disaster or some other event, you are now facing much hardship. When you find out that your insurance company's adjuster has sent you a lower-than-expected claim, you may be upset and worried. However, there are plenty of options to settle these issues and ensure you get a fair shake from the insurance company. Know that you can always hire a skilled home insurance attorney.

1. Understand your coverage

Contacting an insurance company or adjuster is never a good idea unless you fully understand your policy. Make sure you read the fine print on your policy to ensure you don't miss anything that could have led to a lower claim. Sometimes, especially during a crisis, we may overlook or misunderstand insurance coverage details. Take time to check the fine print before taking any further action.

2. Review the claim

If you've been through your policy and find nothing to suggest the claim should be lower than what you've calculated, talk to your insurance carrier. You can ask for a review of the insurance claim where the insurance company provides details of how they reached a specific settlement figure. Keep a log of all documents sent by the insurance company or any conversations you have with the company and a claims adjuster. If your case goes to court, documenting these details will help you a lot.

3. Disputing their decision

Calmly and politely is the best way to approach an insurance claim dispute. First, you can write a letter to the independent adjuster explaining why you believe their total settlement is not enough compared to what you calculated. Even if you're upset, don't demonstrate it. If you behave cordially in this process, you have a much better chance of a positive outcome. You should hear from the claims adjuster within ten to fourteen days. We note that our experience shows that there is an eighty-five percent chance for your property damage claim to be underpaid by at least ten thousand dollars.

4. Request an on-site inspection

If you spoke multiple times with the claims adjuster and you are upset that the letter did not help. You may want to request an in-home visit. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your home's damage and show why it is more significant than what is stated in the adjuster's claims document. You may even want an attorney on your side to prove the damage and cost of repairing the damage.

5. Complain

Now that you've tried everything to deal with the insurance company's claims adjuster, it's time to complain. The best way to complain is through a home insurance lawyer. The only thing that the insurance company hates more than someone pursuing a valid insurance claim is a home insurance attorney. Insurance companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars demonizing consumer lawyers so that homeowners won't hire them.