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State Farm refused to pay out $98.7 million in Katrina wind claims. The lawsuit alleges that State Farm deferred payments to policyholders so that grants would cover the expenses. Mississippi attorney general: State Farm is the nation's largest property insurance firm. State Farm spokesman explains that they are currently evaluating the case. A jury trial was demanded; damages sought include reimbursement for home loss and damage. The complaint charges include fraud, neglect, contravention, and fraud and neglect charges, among other things.

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State Farm Continues to Scam Its Customers

Superstorm Sandy litigation exposed altered engineering reports of storm-ravaged home destruction, and now allegations of altered engineering reports are surfacing.

On behalf of the Mississippi, a lawsuit was filed to keep State Farm's feet to the fire for its role in maliciously refusing Hurricane Katrina wind claims.

To grasp the claims' details, the Mississippi State had a Homeowners Assistance Program (HAP) in effect. HAP paid eligible homeowners for damages they did not cover. However, the lawsuit alleges that State Farm deferred payments to policyholders so that HAP grants can cover the expenses, and State Farm could keep as income the homeowner policy funds.

After Katrina, HAP and Mississippi State charged $522 million to customers of State Farm. That's $76,673.59 per State Farm policyholder. But State Farm paid just $98.7 million — or $14,494.62 per policyholder.

A law firm posted this scam in Superstorm Sandy. Learn about altered engineering records. Rob Trautmann published examples of discrepancies in one of his homeowners' cases, including a "final altered report" and an "original report." His article, Anatomy of an Altered Engineering Report, is a must-read.

Mississippi's Attorney General argued that similar alterations occurred with Katrina when engineers determined what caused home loss and damage.

In the Mississippi lawsuit, the argument is made that State Farm made attempts to downplay wind damage, wrongly identify Katrina damage like a water occurrence, and refuse to compensate for damage citing the absence of Tidal Surge.

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The Chicago Tribune reported State Farm's response.

State Farm spokesman Phil Supple explained that they are currently evaluating the case, which wasn't supposed to accept what we've done due to Hurricane Katrina.

It sounds like State Farm felt it was in the clear, and Katrina's arguments were over. Did this organization think its customers were shortened? Maybe State Farm didn't know Mississippi State's statute of limitations.

Jan Schaefer, attorney general's office, explains that they haven't ruled a case against those other insurers. We file this complaint against State Farm because we now have proven evidence of its fraud and because, as the nation's largest property insurance firm, its practices have affected Mississippi more than any insurer.

The complaint charges include fraud, neglect, and contravention. A jury trial was demanded. The damages sought include reimbursement for the HAP payments provided that should have been wind coverage payments from State Farm, punitive damages, court expenses, interest, and attorney fees.

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