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state farm complaints


State farm complaints

Residents continue to complain about State Farm. Having practiced home insurance law for over a dozen years, I have personally seen that State Farm insurance is the worst insurance carrier out there. You are better keeping your money and just not getting insurance. You have better odds at Las Vegas than having State Farm pay a valid insurance claim. I have personally seen them spent five-hundred thousand dollars to avoid paying fifteen-thousand.

"Stay away; it is as bad as people are saying."

(Posted from a current employee)

I worked at State Farm for more than ten years.


It used to be a great company with work-life balance, development, and opportunities. Has decent medical insurance, time off, and a pension.


Executive leadership has destroyed the company over the last five years. Employee morale is horrible, and the company is now treating its employees like prisoners or children, depending on what area you are in. CEO seems to have no clue how much damage he has done, and there is no leadership courage, just a bunch of yes men and women desperately trying to hold on to their positions. Most of the top employees have left, and the ones that have stayed are miserable.

Advice to Management:

Wake up! This used to be a great place to work, but clueless, incompetent leadership has destroyed it. After leaving the company, I have seen how bad it has gotten, it may not be too late to the right the ship, but it will take courage that is currently lacking. If things don't change, SF will be a case study in MBA programs not to run a successful company.