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Restaurant insurance questions


Restaurant Insurance

Let's say you're a restaurateur and you're having a horrible week; first your chef cut himself in preparation, then your refrigerator died, and all the cold-stored food was ruined. Then one of your delivery kids gets into an accident while making a delivery, and the insurance company comes after you. All these possibilities would cover restaurants.

  • Chef; employees' coverage
  • The refrigerator; equipment failure insurance
  • Food; coverage spoilage
  • Driver; unowned auto coverage.

There's plenty more. Which restaurant styles are you? There are specific forms of foodservice coverage: do you have table service, and if so, are you just a fine restaurant or casual? You fast-food? Are you a buffet, cafeteria, smorgasbord, or some? If you give takeout, do you deliver? If you're a bar or nightclub, that's another category with its collection of risks and coverage.

The country club, mall/shopping, or sandwich bar. It makes a difference in your insurance plan and can also affect your worker's compensation class code. Depending on what your restaurant provides, coverage will vary greatly. Full bar, wine, and beer? Entertainment, a dance floor? Are you catering? Looking for meetings, banquets, or private parties?

If you have activities off-site or are you a promoter? That's another coverage form. You have parking, and if so, have a valet? You, or a subcontractor? Do they protect you if someone or something hurts on your property? How's your system ANSUL? Covers your deep fryer? Can your fish tank leak and injure or damage a customer?

Do you have a coat check, entertainer equipment storage, or other property of others? Are you ADA-compliant or open to lawsuits? Here are several other coverages you may need: on-site liability, product liability if your food poisons anyone or claims to do so, on-site coverage for your fixtures, on-site content if you own the building or are on a triple-net contract, ads, and rented land.

This is another case where an investigator uses a checklist. Too many chances to leave something out.

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