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Sexual Harasser Still Serves on School Board


Residents should note that Harris County houses Texas' very last county school board, which is a county governmental entity from when school districts were common instead of independent. Harris County Department of Education actually runs in the black and, through grants and private venture, turns $1 of tax dollars into $5. It has four schools for the most mentally and emotionally challenged children in Harris County. Taxpayers pay less than $10 on average in property taxes annually to HCDE. Without HCDE local independent school districts will increase their tax rates to offset the increases in costs. This would probably result in taxpayers paying on average $50 more to their local isd. Personally, I'm taxed enough already!

Even though HCDE operates in the black, what is most shocking is that corrupt political opportunists pretending to be conservative are attempting to destroy this county organization. These opportunists hold secret meetings with little to no notice to the public where they refuse to let the public speak! Heck, they barely let elected trustees speak.

Mike Wolfe, who sexually harassed an applicant for board secretary is still allowed to participate on the school board. Wolfe has been censured twice and is rumored to be running for reelection.

HCDE’s board voted to censure Trustee Michael Wolfe over sexual harassment allegations hours after a state district judge denied his request for a temporary restraining order.

Trustees on Wednesday voted 4-2, with Trustee Don Sumners abstaining, to issue the formal reprimand. Trustee George Moore broke with others in the board’s new majority, of which Wolfe is a part, to vote in favor of the punishment. Moore would not comment about his vote.

In voting not to censure, Trustee Josh Flynn, admits that his vote "will hurt his reputation." Previously, I wrote about how voters should be embarrassed with Flynn because he brought extreme corruption to HCDE. Now it appears that Flynn condones sexual harassment.
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