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Two Texas Franchises Sold

It appears many are upset with the recent sale of Whataburger.

"In April 2001, a joint resolution passed the Texas House and Senate that declared Whataburger, the state’s beloved fast-food chain, to be a “Texas Treasure.” In the most Texan fashion imaginable, the bill honoring the burger institution was introduced by the state chair of the Texas Public Health Committee. “They deserve credit for capturing the hearts — and taste buds — of millions of Texans, including many in the House of Representatives,” Rep. Jaime Capelo said in the preamble to the vote. (The measure passed with bipartisan support.)

Nearly 20 years later, it remains true that across Texas’ political disparate spectrum, Whataburger may be the only thing that Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke could both admit to loving. But late last week, the state’s devotion to Whataburger came under serious strain when the 69-year-old, family-owned company sold its controlling interest to a Chicago-based investment firm. The news inspired all measures of betrayal-themed responses. “Whataburger’s been sold to the Yanks,” Texas Monthly offered. “Whatadisaster,” read one Houston-area headline. On Twitter, Houston Texans star J.J. Watt suggested that fans affected by the sale unite to buy the franchise back and to add kolaches to the menu. (Texas Governor Greg Abbott responded to Watt by tweeting a picture of George W. Bush driving a pick-up truck with the caption, “Get in J.J., We’re saving Whataburger.”) Elsewhere, memes depicting heartbreak and offense were circulated. “182 men didn’t die at The Alamo just so we could give @Whataburger over to Chicago,” went another representative tweet."

Sadly, Schlitterbahn was also sold.

"One of the city’s premier tourist attractions will be under new ownership after an Ohio-based company announced Thursday morning that it would buy Schlitterbahn’s New Braunfels and Galveston parks in a $261 million deal."