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Houston Flood Damage Insurance Claims


The recent flooding in Houston caused catastrophic damage to over a thousand homes and left hundreds in need of rescue. This most recent disaster comes less than a year after the Memorial Day floods and many homeowners are still finishing repairs and preparing to move back into their households. It is difficult to predict when powerful thunderstorms will occur, but by forming a plan ahead of time, you can be prepared. Below are steps you can take in the event of flood damage to your home.

  1. Stay safe: If your house begins to flood for any reason, the first step is to protect your family. Shut off your gas and electricity utilities and do not turn them on until all water is removed. Depending on the severity of the damage, more drastic measures may be necessary to ensure the safety of you and your family. As hard is it may be to leave your home, if flooding reaches certain levels it may become necessary to prepare for evacuation. After you have made sure that everyone is safe, call emergency services.
  2. Document the damage and secure your home: In order to maximize an insurance claim, you will need to show the insurance company that you have done everything in your power to secure your home and protect against further damage. Make sure to document all damage before you begin to make repairs to your home. Be sure to keep a record of anything that was damaged as well as the height of the water. Pictures can go a long way when fighting for your claim.
  3. Notify your insurance: It is important to call your insurance company as soon as you can. If they require a written notification of flood damage, be sure to do so. When talking to your insurance, keep a record of who you talk to, exactly what you disused, and the time and date of all calls. This will help keep your insurance company responsible for providing you with the coverage you paid for.

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When flooding occurs, you may be counting on your insurance to be there for you. When it is not, you need to take action and hold insurance companies accountable. If you have been the victim of flood damage and are not getting the compensation that you have been promised, call the Houston bad faith insurance attorney at Dick Law Firm. It is no secret that insurance companies are businesses concerned with making a profit. Do not let the profits of an insurance company come at the expense of your claim.

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