Property Damage

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Business insurance in Texas – sometimes called Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance – should generally cover damage to your business’s property that is outside of your control. This should give a business owner some reassurance in knowing that they have protection from the unknown at home and at work.

Forms of property damage that may afflict a business include:

  • Vandalism
  • Inclement weather
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Accidents

One of the only things that can make matters worse after your business has been damaged is to hear that your insurance provider does not intend to help you cover any of the necessary payments for replacement or repair. To keep your business out of high waters and to keep your insurance company honest, call 833-7RIGHTS today to get our Houston insurance bad faith attorney on the case. With our team’s assistance and legal support, we may be able to get you and your business back to a comfortable place.

We Defend Your Livelihood

In so many ways, your business is your life. The profits it garners keeps your family comfortable and healthy, and you probably spend more time in your office than you do in your home. Damage to the property is like taking a sledgehammer to a piece of your wellbeing. At Dick Law Firm, we understand and respect the importance of your business. By pursuing justice on your behalf, we hope to uphold your livelihood.

Insurance is Your Shield Against Property Damage Claims

Property damage claims can go both ways, meaning you could be filing one after someone smashed up your storefront or ruins your products or someone could be filing one against you after they slip in an aisle or stumble down some steps. Your business insurance provider is supposed to be on your side and stop lawsuits against your business from hurting you and your private finances. When they refuse to do their part, they leave you unfairly exposed and at-risk of losing everything.

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When insurance bad faith is at hand, Dick Law Firm takes a stand. As so many of our client testimonials will tell you, we take our jobs seriously and know how to work with stubborn insurance companies. When you need a dedicated bad faith insurance lawyer in Houston for your property damage claim, you should come to us first because:

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